project android/
a8a00f7 Revert "manifest: remove antradio-library"
3e03a9c manifest: remove antradio-library

project external/ant-wireless/ant_native/
12e841c Remove unused parameters in vfs code
c7f3bdb ANT: Don't build HIDL variant libantradio for OSS builds
9cbe90f ant_native: use project pathmap
6607840 ANT: Handle ANT SSR
3493408 Version 1.9.10

project hardware/qcom/bt-caf/
afceef3 Don't build libbt-hidlclient for OSS builds
0d8b235 Load bluetooth firmwares from /vendor
2a693fa Add missing headers to libbt-vendor
8d7e2f4 Apply the Cherokee's mechanism of stopping hci_filter to ROME
964bdf4 BT: Moving chipset version parameters' initialization out of ALOG
e4a468e Remove hardcoded LOCAL_MODULE_PATHS from vendor components. (bt)
a49b53b Add vendor-specific message types for FM.
818ef08 libbt-qcom: Allow reading BT address from property
7fdd9f1 Bluetooth: load btaddr from NV if QCOM_BT_USE_BTNV is set
dca7031 libbt: Fix case where SoC type is not set
3697270 libbt-qcom: Allow building without proprietary bits
b308d8f Use system/bt/hci/include
13fb4e3 bt-caf: Add guard makefile
eb05e36 TWS: Add Mono mode suppport
bee2d99 BT: Add support for Hastings in BT vendor library.
bf12582 BTHOST_IPC: Handling of Aptx-Adaptive reserved bytes while parsing
763afbb Split_A2dp: Reduce the retry timer in below cases.
20e8d25 BTHOST_IPC: Pass Aptx mode info to MM-Audio
0ab977c BTHOST_IPC: Increase config parameter size
826e58c btconfig: Addressed KW issues
9e7f535 bthost_ipc: fix for incorrect stream state after suspend stream successfully
f1ae0f2 Bthost Changes Configurable bits per sample support on split A2DP

project hardware/qcom/wlan-caf/
2882733 Make wcnss_service build with the VNDK.
1cfc6e0 Add LOCAL_ADDITIONAL_DEPENDENCIES to sanitized kernel headers.
52292f1 wcnss_service: Read serial number from custom property
f6286a5 Wifi: Quiet some excessive debug output
d972b8d wifi-hal: stop the UMAC logspam
953b2a1 wifi-hal: Only try LOWI once
b60dbee wcnss_service: Deal with mdm-detect too
e509bf8 wcnss_qmi: Generate a fixed random mac address if the NV doesn't provide one
b452881 wcnss: Build and dlopen wcnss_qmi_client as a shared library
9f540dd wcnss-service: Additional format support
9ea5965 wlan-caf: Add guard makefile
d4f6831 NAN: Fix a clang warning issue
5b27533 wifi-hal: Add support for QCA_NL80211_VENDOR_SUBCMD_NAN_EXT
2f4f76e WiFi-Hal: Sync qca-vendor_copy.h to upstream qca-vendor.h
757839e WiFi-HAL: Return success if blacklist/whitelist BSS number is zero
f63f57a Wifi: Use wlan specific feature flag for value-added feature
b912cf6 wifi-hal: Add support for TCP/IP over NAN
e3c7213 Wifi: Add WCNSS_QTI_AOSP CFLAG for value-added AOSP
440cc40 Wifi: Add WCNSS_QTI_AOSP CFLAG for value-added AOSP
126af66 wcnss-service: Support to set vendor.wlan. property
04ada2a added TARGET_USES_AOSP for value-added AOSP.
466fdcb Wifi-HAL: Fix markings in qca-vendor_copy.h

project hardware/ril-caf/
6e6c90a libril: Fix manual network selection with old modem
a89b9d4 Revert "Disable IOemHook implemenation in rild."
75f8ea4 Revert "Disable rild from starting at power up"
054a275 libril: Protect against NULL unsolicited response function
2bf269f libril: Bounds check s_commands
ce09cb6 Make RIL command headers overlayable by devices.
872cfbe librilutils: Relocate pb-generated objects to their expected path
545c9a0 libril: Restore support for RIL v6, v8 and v9 stacks
8c4ac7c libril: allow board to provide libril
21a2c21 ril-caf: Add guard makefile
08781f8 Disable IOemHook implemenation in rild.

project vendor/codeaurora/telephony/
8f46448 telephony-ext: Move to Android.bp
ad0c0fb telephony: Allow devices to provide their own telephony-ext
94379a7 Remove two way dependency b/w 5G clients and 5G telephony fwk
fb809ef Get sub info through phone id in the extras.
4921281 Add and update 5G APIs
ee5ed92 Fix putting null into ConcurrentHashMap

project vendor/qcom/opensource/audio/
9f40725 policy_hal: avoid unnecessary voip and direct flags setting
857b030 audio: do not set deep buffer flag for incall music use case.

project vendor/qcom/opensource/cryptfs_hw/
777f71c cryptfs_hw: Use generated kernel headers
77081ed cryptfs_hw: Remove unused variable
eaae396 cryptfs_hw: add missing logging tag
ca54512 cryptfs_hw: Featureize support for waiting on QSEE to start
b3e0e2c cryptfs_hw: Add compatibility for pre-O hw crypto
68ad8fd cryptfs: Allow vold to set encryption info

project vendor/qcom/opensource/dataservices/
3df2be2 Don't pollute the tree
0002ba9 librmnetctl: Proper error handling of if_nametoindex()