project device/qcom/sepolicy/
dd92368 Allowing vold to search /mnt/vendor/*
5309d62 Correctly label data types
527a4d0 sepolicy: Allow apps to read battery status
c015468 qcom: sepolicy: Add sepolicy for hidl power hal
d686dce common: Fix labelling of lcd-backlight
fcf7e00 sepolicy: Allow mm-qcamerad to access v4L "name" node
53b110c sepolicy: Fix video4linux "name" node labeling
9be45d6 Use set_prop() macro for property sets
cd3f0b6 qcom: Label vendor files with (vendor|system/vendor) instead of vendor
a4211d0 sepolicy: Remove rules for no longer supported platforms
b9c33c5 sepolicy: Allow perf HAL to set freq props
ae56224 sepolicy: Fix ` breakage
58feffc sepolicy: Move definitions from Android.mk to make opt-in
7c63a15 Add OTA support for multiimgoem
3035f5f update to fix comppile error
487eb7d sepolicy: access vpp hal for camera
6b04db5 sepolicy: msmsteppe: amendment for adding rfkill write permission for bluetooth
6d91b48 sepolicy: common: Allow netmgr to access RmNet modules
4643279 Revert "sepolicy for face3d"
4dbe839 Revert "common: add SE policy rules for libaix"
ba12db4 sepolicy: Add permission for audio to enabl sys_nice capability
3953730 sepolicy: allow access to qdma_socket
89132a3 sepolicy: msmsteppe: add rfkill write permission for Bluetooth
f788b0e sepolicy: Remove graphics dependency on debugfs
66fbe13 sepolicy: add for show FFBM Mode String
ec6e156 sepolicy: Added trinket releated sepolicy
6156cf8 Revert "In Andorid P, data file type for the application has changed from previously defined vendor type to AOSP defined type and vendor type is no longer in use. Make them aliases for backward compatibility and to fix OTA issues"
62f9ebe sepolicy: allow socket/app for mlstrusted
3560353 sepolicy: allow read logdr for qdmastats
e40c863 Add ctl property for atfwd daemon
7aae4ba sepolicy: add policy labels for parallel charger
d563e22 sepolicy: enable sepolicy for fpc fingerprint
fa45d3d dpm : add ability to send signal to child process
ef499e4 sepolicy : update subsystem secontext .
49c70d5 Add rules for PPTP/L2TP VPN connection success
4ca76f2 Set proper file contexts for sm6150
dad0a99 sepolicy: assign file_context to emmc persist path.
794f42c Add policy of move_time_data for MSM8937
082f0a5 sepolicy : add subsys nodes selinux context
8d75fa0 sepolicy: add rule to allow usta to access diag
773c218 Add policy of move_time_data for MSM8937
536109b sepolicy for face3d
af3ccff msm8909: policy fixes for qseecom script
ccbdb75 sepolicy: sdm710: fix block device used in metadata rule
912fd99 sepolicy: add policy for qti audiocontrol
245776c sepolicy : add subsys nodes selinux context
5d3a28f LAPerf: Add property to enable WorkloadClassifier
bac4fb4 sepolicy: add new qsta_app.te file for QSTA app
7817bea vendor: msm8937: Add sepolicy rule for PM8916
f92e356 Sepolicy-vendor : Adding sepolicy for qcs605
cc595d6 audio: Allow access to ALSA MMAP FDs for AAudio API
1988a87 sepolicy : vservices sepolicy updates
bc89589 sepolicy: add dolphin vendor property
f5b5011 sepolicy : access display config from perf hal
6b7fe1d sepolicy: Update sepolicies of system, platform and private apps
08621ed sepolicy: add policy rule for metadata partition
79f27c8 Adding qvrservice sepolicy permission
56efb0f selinux: Add policy for rild to add IDataConnection HAL
f3a253b sepolicy: SAR Proxy Manager
cafdd3c sepolicy: Add vehicle hal service policy for talos_au
eb04f18 wifi: Allow eap_proxy to use qipcrtr_socket for qmi communication.
ca96b66 Fix avc denials while reading public properties
da3fe7c sepolicy : updated the ssr node paths
866d924 sepolicy: add permission for npu bw_hwmon node
fdd58ed sepolicy: Add rule to access chipset-based property
85ab909 QTI/ADPL: sepolicy permissions for socket files
1006e9c sepolicy: Do not audit system process access to vendor_gles_data_file
eafecdc In Andorid P, data file type for the application has changed from previously defined vendor type to AOSP defined type and vendor type is no longer in use. Make them aliases for backward compatibility and to fix OTA issues
6f4367f sepolicy: Add qmda socket permissions to ssg_app
0575fd5 Add sepolicy dir and sock permissions to location module
e5bc3c6 vendor: msm8937: Add sepolicy rules for PM8916
5e8537d sepolicy: Added sepolicy changes for seccam hal.
34a081a sepolicy: Add label to fps sysfs node for msmsteppe
2218f0f sepolicy: add policy rule for metadata partition
88a8040 sepolicy: add policy rule for metadata partition
743dc37 sepolicy: Remove duplicate property for gpu.available_frequencies
e959600 Add file_contexts for init.class_late.sh file
d0b8d33 common: add SE policy rules for libaix
bf954c4 sepolicy: provide wakelock access to audio hal sevice
58da1a9 sepolicy: add audio permission for spi device
2173fc3 Revert "vendor_init: Create vendor_init exec env for msmnile bootdevice setup"
e37738a display: Allow composer to access bitclk nodes
40f934d Bluetooth: Configure snoop file size for bt_logger[2/2]
895f81c sepolicy: Add a rule to access gpuclk sysfs
1e545fc sepolicy: Add permissions for cpu7 L3 memlat node
f1c97d5 sepolicy: allow sensors hal to access sysfs
0301672 sepolicy: add location socket and file permissions to wifi hal
f09cd42 sepolicy: Add vendor specific properties
7c3cf75 sepolicy: Add vendor wifi prop in vendor partition access
5b6c62b sepolicy: Define media setprop's
895a613 sepolicy: allow rmt_storage to access sysfs_data context with read permission
e422582 sepolicy: Add selinux rules to disable SPU
eacc19a Added new security policy
9f946e6 sepolicy: add permission to updated devfreq nodes
5361f1e sepolicy: enable sepolicy for fpc fingerprint
56128d1 Fix label for imagefv partition
4089933 sepolicy: Allow BT process accessing bt_logger property
1283082 sepolicy: Add label to qdss sysfs node for msmsteppe
73fa7b7 property_contexts: Change coresight property name
ae175a4 Add sepolicy for update_engine for msmsteppe
424272e Give write permission to kernel on /data/misc/vold/virtual_disk
7f7ee16 Don't audit for dac_read_search for domains having dac_override capability
c51a165 Explicitly allow system_server to (m)map data files
291bb97 Revert "Revert "FR52604: khung task feature for userspace process""
06f410d Revert "FR52604: khung task feature for userspace process"
6f6a984 sepolicy: Addressing memtrack access to GL mem info
d66ea71 sepolicy: Allow neuralnetworks service to access FD
04646c8 sepolicy: setting secontext to rtc node
4916d4c sepolicy: Add permission to access min_level_change node for hdcp
273c65e sepolicy: Allow init.qcom.sh to set media prop's
eb3edba sepolicy: Allow init.qcom.sh to set media prop's
f6c3ce9 Sepolicy: add vendor/msm8937 define for vbmeta and dtbo
febe7da sepolicy: access gpu device for vpp service
f535c97 Sepolicy : add vendor prefix to vm_bms
50c69ac sepolicy: Enable mirrorlink access to video enc and gpu
8c29969 wcnss-service: Add sepolicy to access "vendor.wlan." property
c7fe220 Sepolicy: add define for lksecapp vbmeta and dtbo
7eae544 FR52604: khung task feature for userspace process
6e6c8e1 Fixing avc denial for vendor_mpctl_prop
c824716 Add sepolicy support for wifilearner service and IWifiStats HAL.
e69c9a2 sepolicy: UVC device node access for qvrd
ebfa919 Sepolicy: Updated the file context for dataqti
1aa7a76 Remove unused property "ro.build.software.version"
7a0d501 sepolicy: Add sepolicy for moving wifi data
7e106d5 sepolicy : corrected genfs_context for mss subsys
718b970 sepolicy: define properties for qvr service
112af67 sepolicy: Add permissions for qvr_external_sensor
22eea63 common: add SE policy rules for libnpu
8234606 sepolicy: Add policy for USTA to do stat on /dev/subsys_*
2c9bd8c sepolicy: Add rules for PASR-HAL
13116b9 sepolicy: Adding sysfs node access for fps nodes
59eff6d Add policy of move_time_data for SDM660 and MSM8953
766ca06 sepolicy: timezone to be overrided by vendor
1f15e3c sepolicy: qdma: allow app_api_service
d523ac9 mirrorlink: Add mediametrics permission
ada7db8 sepolicy: Remove net_admin from qrtr
e43c8e1 sepolicy: Add sysfs jpeg access for display
0e6c9f0 Revert "Fix label for imagefv partition"
bf9fb89 sepolicy : allow domains for dir search on qti_debugfs
afab9bd sepolicy: adsprpc: Add adsprpc property adsprpc_prop
56cee5d sepolicy: add policy file for USTA test app
940d9b1 init_shell: Add set_prop policy to alarm_boot property
be34fcf timeservice_app: Fix denial to vendor_mpctl_prop
a5ab532 sepolicy: Add permission to thermal-engine to access dsp via fastrpc
61fa307 sepolicy: Add sysfs_uio access to thermal-engine daemon
ea6e5dd sepolicy: Remove unused sys.usb_uicc property
0378a4a sepolicy: Add lineptr_value for display sysfs access
f556bfa sepolicy: setting secontext to rtc node
85476a8 Fix label for imagefv partition
f9cfd2c sepolicy: add sepolicy labels to charger/fg nodes
9ffaa93 sepolicy: Allow init.qcom.sh script to media setprop's
a7966af sepolicy: Fix graphis vendor properties denials
93d740e sepolicy: Allow init.qcom.sh script to media setprop's
d8f4de0 Sepolicy: Add mmcblk0rpmb to avoid denial message
0faffdf sepolicy: Fix graphis vendor properties denials
cacf767 sepolicy: Add property context for hvdcp_opti vendor properties
ae58b30 sepolicy: Add permissions for init_shell
01593ec sepolicy: Remove all reference to qsee_svc_app_data_file
1ec2e6c poweroffalarm: Fix denial to vendor_iop_prop
bd7cb10 sepolicy: add socket and file permissions to location_app
0e9923e Revert "Audio: Remove dolby properties"
ee712e6 Add separate te file for ims shell script
a54dd37 Revert "sepolicy: add policy for qti audiocontrol"
067bc1d sepolicy : whitelist ueventd from reading the mnt_vendor_file
6d4f4a0 Revert "Revert "sepolicy: persist related changes for backward compatibility.""
ce4d344 Revert "Revert "sepolicy: selinux changes for persist due to mount point changes.""
a60fd2f sepolicy: camera: Allow camera daemon to access graphics
39ccd27 Revert "sepolicy: selinux changes for persist due to mount point changes."
f926e3f Revert "sepolicy: persist related changes for backward compatibility."
618fde5 Allow access to ctl.vendor.ril-daemon property

project hardware/qcom/audio-caf/msm8996/
57c377d msm8996: hal: Update ultrasound route hacks
06f1749 msm8996: ultrasound: Remove unused code
e1e1d18 hal: switch audio_extn_set_parameters and amplifier_set_parameters
d936ec0 msm8996: ultrasound: Initial open source hal for Elliptic Ultrasound
268d431 hal: Support the audio amplifier hook
0ba089d hal: Restore proper ACDB loader v2 support after 21be3ac
d322d01 hal: Update sound trigger header for UM6
faef09b hal: Don't try to record using 3-mic unless we mean it
89fedd6 hal: Haxed header
bb2a2ab audio: Fix flac offload not working
3a33d04 audio: Fix complilation warnings under Clang
0c663a9 msm8996: fix werror when AUDIO_FEATURE_ENABLED_DTS_EAGLE is enabled
c69d0e1 audio: Extend platform parser to allow device name aliasing
080fbf2 hal: post_proc: Convert volume listener to vendor prop
c59d2dd hal: post_proc: enabled / disable volume listener based on prop
eecc287 audio: Use direct project pathmap
aa894ae audio: Use normal tinycompress
b0d9d37 configs: support 4 ch EC-ref for FFV
2318d95 hal: Configure frame size of AAC encoded output.
75df0ac configs: msmsteppe: Update audio config files
24eed05 configs: enable ffv for qcs605
8405edd hal: avoid echo reference is disabled when closing input stream
2de1d4f hal: msmsteppe: Update class-H mode for wcd9375 xml files
84bfeb9 Hal: Add check for usb device
2ce8586 hal: platform: Support 24bit record usecase for internal codec
90ddcaa audio: Fix to return proper channel index masks supported for USB
218512d audio-hal: fix variables used uninitialized
5a18a7a audio: add support for multichannel to dual mono conversion
a920344 hal: Fix for hang during unloading of primary hal
b588ae4 hal: Add USB 6ch recording support.
de7925e hal: Fix incorrect channel setting for Mmap record path
faa79a7 Audio: TWS+ mono mode support
3553192 hal: Check input buffer size as multiple of channel

project hardware/qcom/display-caf/msm8996/
81bd231 hwc: Set ioprio for vsync thread
c11bf9b display: Define soong namespace
d3b24da Don't build lights module if vendor supplies it
65d529d display: Use project pathmap
3fe36a7 hwc2: Add validation for display Id for DSI clock binder APIs
f94831d sdm: restrict flush for secure transitions
d557846 hwc2: Fix interlace flag setting to SDM layers

project hardware/qcom/media-caf/msm8996/
28f5253 media: libOmxSw encoders require prop headers :(
943c70c media: Add extrapolated gpustats header for PQ
66449c9 venc: Fix VQZip issue
0942881 media: Use project pathmap
b6e85b3 mm-core: Remove secure codecs for low RAM targets

project kernel/oneplus/msm8996/
4c35624 Linux 3.18.133
aa2f510 mm, proc: be more verbose about unstable VMA flags in /proc//smaps
fd1f971 ocfs2: fix panic due to unrecovered local alloc
5f95437 sysfs: Disable lockdep for driver bind/unbind files
98b7013 ALSA: bebob: fix model-id of unit for Apogee Ensemble
1d8db45 dm snapshot: Fix excessive memory usage and workqueue stalls
4982226 dm kcopyd: Fix bug causing workqueue stalls
4f7d2b6 perf parse-events: Fix unchecked usage of strncpy()
7b20a6d perf svghelper: Fix unchecked usage of strncpy()
a873406 mmc: atmel-mci: do not assume idle after atmci_request_end
b0787de8 kconfig: fix memory leak when EOF is encountered in quotation
8cd9a94 clk: imx6q: reset exclusive gates on init
2ace487 scsi: target: use consistent left-aligned ASCII INQUIRY data
5a571a9 net: call sk_dst_reset when set SO_DONTROUTE
9046355 media: firewire: Fix app_info parameter type in avc_ca{,_app}_info
15a6405 powerpc/pseries/cpuidle: Fix preempt warning
ec7f992 pstore/ram: Do not treat empty buffers as valid
fa1e3a4 jffs2: Fix use of uninitialized delayed_work, lockdep breakage
84a9b63 MIPS: SiByte: Enable swiotlb for SWARM, LittleSur and BigSur
f9eb72f r8169: Add support for new Realtek Ethernet
e23a158 media: vb2: be sure to unlock mutex on errors
661fda2 drm/fb-helper: Ignore the value of fb_var_screeninfo.pixclock
a17189a block/loop: Use global lock for ioctl() operation.
ca554da sctp: allocate sctp_sockaddr_entry with kzalloc
f643372 selinux: fix GPF on invalid policy
8554867 sunrpc: handle ENOMEM in rpcb_getport_async
babd8d8 media: vb2: vb2_mmap: move lock up
3c2350d media: vivid: set min width/height to a value > 0
16e1876 media: vivid: fix error handling of kthread_run
c089cbb omap2fb: Fix stack memory disclosure
1f88472 Disable MSI also when pcie-octeon.pcie_disable on
14e1fc9 mfd: tps6586x: Handle interrupts on suspend
6f5685a scsi: sd: Fix cache_type_store()
d90b262 Yama: Check for pid death before checking ancestry
ca22587 btrfs: wait on ordered extents on abort cleanup
98d2b24 crypto: authenc - fix parsing key with misaligned rta_len
23009dc net: bridge: fix a bug on using a neighbour cache entry without checking its state
8c871bd packet: Do not leak dev refcounts on error exit
4d97ac0 ipv6: fix kernel-infoleak in ipv6_local_error()
3ce837a media: em28xx: Fix misplaced reset of dev->v4l::field_count
4c3b21c can: gw: ensure DLC boundaries after CAN frame modification
9751561 tty/ldsem: Wake up readers after timed out down_write()
b1c0a2b sunrpc: use-after-free in svc_process_common()
ddcd89c crypto: cts - fix crash on short inputs
96e2cd7 i2c: dev: prevent adapter retries and timeout being set as minus value
fe19dc9 ACPI: power: Skip duplicate power resource references in _PRx
67dd0ed slab: alien caches must not be initialized if the allocation of the alien cache failed
84fe5c6 USB: storage: add quirk for SMI SM3350
5a2cac0 USB: storage: don't insert sane sense for SPC3+ when bad sense specified
93e9556 usb: cdc-acm: send ZLP for Telit 3G Intel based modems
ac72ab6 cifs: Fix potential OOB access of lock element array
de92e4b CIFS: Do not hide EINTR after sending network packets
0c9c58b sparc32: Fix inverted invalid_frame_pointer checks on sigreturns

project packages/apps/Jelly/
4cd187e Refactor to androidx libraries
1f7ae1c Automatic translation import
f44d547 Jelly: Fix shortcut creation for websites without favicon

project packages/apps/Messaging/
f65da01 Messaging: use white nav bar
40796a1 AOSP/Messaging: bump targetSDK to 28
4a538d8 AOSP/Messaging: bump to targetSDK 24
19659a5 Messaging: Fix crash when trying to view a vcf file

project vendor/qcom/opensource/interfaces/
881b37b display: Generate blueprints
626f0a2 Add autogenerated blueprints
5d5fa93 display: Use display id in place of display type
410df43 display: Add APIs to manage power states, hdr, layer mask and debug properties
b859189 display: Add API to update vsync source on power state change
aca460f IDisplayconfig: Add interface to support ad roi feature
f370df3 IDisplayconfig: Add interface to get display wb capabilities
44612ec IDisplayconfig: Add interface to enable/disable Idle PC
278542c display: Add API to set display indexes.
1cad285 Add .gitignore to ignore all .hidl-autogen files
d794db6 QtiMapper: Import error type
06dc35a Add Hash key to supplicant and hostapd HAL interfaces
87870b7 Introduce the Vendor HAL for Hostapd callback notification
abf1a4e HIDL: Add WSC IE Vendor Extensions for Miracast
44208e4 QtiMapper: Add API for custom flags and format
624b0fe wifi: Introduce Hostapd Vendor hal.
1de6171 Display: Update hash keys for display HAL's
ba83ef7 wifi: Introduce qti.hardware.wifi.supplicant@2.0 HAL interface
d1779f5 Dynamic generation of hidl make files
31cf3c9 Generate blueprint with updated hidl-gen
f44d761 interfaces: Add composer extensions
e4e6fdc interfaces: Update hidl-gen for display config
e773f66 interfaces: display: Add QTI allocator and mapper interfaces
c572514 Wifi: Remove dependency on android.hidl.base-V1.0-java-static
954e587 wifi: Remove dependency on android.hidl.base-V1.0-java-static
aadb461 display: Link to 1.0's vendor library
06b961b display: Add API to set display animation
177412d eap-sim : Add hal interface to set Sim number