project device/oneplus/oneplus3/
76bd457 Revert "op3: HAX: Disable SELinux"
68a1c48 op3: doze: Fix AoD default pref
951da29 Revert "Revert "op3: Enable AOD""
8314eea Disable seamless transition for marlin/sailfish

project frameworks/base/
1110e8a SystemUI: use AOSP method for UiManager calls
2459150 SystemUI: disable previous dark overlay
82db376 Themes: Add Theme.DeviceDefault.Resolver.Exposed
dcce2c6 Themes: Set UserIcons tintMode to SRC_ATOP
4f6aa1f Themes: add bool to optimize notification icon colors on dark backgrounds
7887e37 Themes: Expose notification icon colors
85c3631 Themes: Expose QS tiles and label colors
d8ffd08 Themes: SystemUI: expose screen pinning colors
786d699 Themes: SystemUI: Expose QS edit item decoration background color
ab659c2 Themes: Allow Permission Icons to be fully themed
47a0b02 Themes: Allow Immersive cling colors to be fully themed
34c61f0 Themes: Expose resolver hardcoded colors
d32654a Themes: Expose toast & tooltip text colors for themes
53a370e Themes: Expose Keyguard affordance circle background
894ce3a Themes: Allow volume slider and thumb to work with custom images.
5e30d9a Themes: Expose Screenshot flash and background colors
f14db7c Themes: Expose Keyboard Shortcuts Dialog
74316ac Themes: graphics: ADB "N" icon compatible with OMS7
2993b7b Themes: SystemUI: Expose switch bar title
c49fa41 Themes: Allow Navbar ripple color to be themed

project kernel/oneplus/msm8996/
1f7e53d net: ipc_router: Fix memory leaks when releasing a remote port
be0e2ec soc: qcom: watchdog_v2: Fix memory leaks when memory_dump_v2 isn't built
d9f31d6 usb: dwc3-msm: Properly guard pm_stay_awake on devices with wakeup_source
189181d usb: dwc3-msm: Remove indefinite wakeup
f4ad32d drop_caches: drop pagecaches on screen-off
3633e6d op3: Disable IPC Router MHI transport
c4c36d5 UPSTREAM: dm: do not allow readahead to limit IO size
7a8317a UPSTREAM: readahead: stricter check for bdi io_pages
8d71d62 UPSTREAM: mm: don't cap request size based on read-ahead setting
a9e8246 Revert "UPSTREAM: dm: do not allow readahead to limit IO size"
7448cca UPSTREAM: dm: do not allow readahead to limit IO size
58bc0f5 sched/core: Fix a race between try_to_wake_up() and a woken up task
f330860 tty: check before stopping kthread
0dc0a4d oneplus: make sure some wakelock references are destroyed
3178cdf Revert "oneplus: add some error wakelock cleanups"
20d5571 do not call trace_printk on non-debug build
e9abc69b rcu: Print to trace on RCU stalls
eadee49 ANDROID: sched: rt: Avoid preempting CPUs if softirq explicity disable
4bff6ee irqchip: msm: log wakeup interrupts
41587f2 power: wakeup_reason: make log function work in interrupt context
e5e79b3 irq: Add wakeup reason logging
5a4251d perf: disable cross_hotplug for l2 cache pmu.
92ff68e pinctrl: qcom: unconditionally mark handled in msm_gpio_irq_handler
d152bb6 soc: qcom: sleepstate: Import OnePlus changes
33875c8 arm: cpuinfo: drop L1 cache type print from pr_info to pr_debug
0262323 cpu-hotplug: convert cpu_hotplug_disabled to a counter
d4f3cf1 fs: Improve eventpoll logging to stop indicting timerfd
c2bfc25 Add kernel logging for when timerfd_read blocks
5c114a6 fs: add useful debug info to eventpoll string
cf75084 gadget/f_fs: reduce logspam on suspend/resume
c251e99 power: qpnp-fg: make read_beat a static function
b8e7640 power: qpnp-fg: have sanity check beat once before wakelock
d7a8470 ARM: dts: 15801: Decommonize BCL mitigation freq
18eee7e fpc1020: Re-add the dummy store function for irq node
5227e2a ANDROID: cuttlefish_defconfig: remove DM_VERITY_HASH_PREFETCH_MIN_SIZE
e2577bf Revert "ANDROID: dm verity: add minimum prefetch size"
ab17216 ANDROID: f2fs: Complement "android_fs" tracepoint of read path

project packages/apps/Launcher3/
42837c7 Add support for themes