project android/
187c028 manifest: remove aosp ims repo to fix sync error
2aaa24b manifest: track ims

project device/oneplus/oneplus3/
2aa6ea3 oneplus3: doze: Add AOD support to Ambient Display
066d622 ipa: check return status of HAL calls
a469d68 ipa: check return status of HAL call to avoid transaction failures
a728574 ipacm: fix tcp fragment rule for IPv6 on LTE
b375915 ipacm: Update tcp fragment rule for IPv6
95ec509 ipacm: Prevent use of invalid array index
8d5c9d7 ipacm: get usb_link_up from usb-driver
584b85e ipacm: enable IPACM restart FR
ebbccf9 ipacm: send all IPv6 framents to IPA apps
1c17c8c ipacm: Handle WLAN FW rejuvenate events
f8697f0 ipacm: Set buffer size
7e4430b ipacm: KW fix
35e9a55 ipacm: Fix IPACM -Wall -Werror issue
6d91004 ipacm: Enable IPACM for all eligible targets.
5be56b9 ipacm: do not post internal link up events
d8a5612 ipacm: Fix TOS_MASKED firewall rule programming
d9d752e ipacm: fix the err_type override issue
a0b6846 IPACM: add qmapid for IPAv4
f0d4404 ipacm: add msmnile to ipacm restart support list
f56aff4 ipacm: Add UL rules with XLAT mux id
21e2453 ipacm: For HAL feature, post wan_down event with 0 tether iface
d486183 IPACM: support ipacm restart
6e6da7c ipacm: ignore iff_flags change for rmnet_data
ffa492d ipacm:clear event cache if ipacm receives stopOffload
b572adf ipacm: Fix KW issue
01d6586 ipacm: Add libipanat.so library for 32 bit
041a55d Rename sdm670 to sdm710.
ebfcf42 Initial Android target definition for msmsteppe
d85a50e P Bringup/SPF's: Compilation disabled
78ab136 ipacm: changed for not using local c include
ad7addc ipacm: enable ipacm
e2fbdee ipacm: KW fix
8b97b53 ipacm: add ipa_pm support
a9ff827 ipacm: put rndis under wifi using SW-path
5ad43a8 ipacm: set upstream flag if downstream IP addr event come later
9a5eef9 ipacm: clean upstream if STA disconnected earlier
e749024 IPACM: enable ipanat and ipacm on msmnile
b4c6bef ipacm: cache framework event if IPACM not ready
5d6fa22 ipacm: Support dynamic backhaul switch between LTE and STA
d009241 ipacm: Fix KW issue
af69584 Revert "data-ipa-cfg-mgr: fix compilation issues due to kernel changes"
51c7674 Kernel Header Changes
b8aecd8 data-ipa-cfg-mgr: fix compilation issues due to kernel changes
c7c1e0a IPACM: fix GetIPAVer called too early
a1c8e02 Translate TRY_AGAIN error for SetQuota() to success inline with HAL definition
1909af9 ipacm: update UL filter rule with src IP address
ed1e6ed ipacm: Change error value for set quota
1f8f283 ipacm: fix the AP+STA crash issue
79aaf2b IPA-HAL: Send null ipv4/ipv6 address to IPACM with proper IP family
d31b340 ipacm: KW fix
b383447 ipacm: KW fix
e525464 ipacm:Add check to configure default flt rule only once
bb4759e IPA-HAL: Send null ipv4/ipv6 address to IPACM
d8599fb ipacm: Configure uplink rule for IPA V2 and V3 with correct MSB LSB order
c337e15 ipacm: Add flag to get previous mux id
c94ae99 ipacm: KW fix
ba58735 ipacm: Fix to not filter_notify request
04fdea7 ipacm: fix the KW issue
3dc153c IPACM: clean wlan NAT ifaces during modem SSR
c9e6a88 IPACM: Do not use deprecated strncpy function
7b3d0bc IPACM: Use Metadata replacement feature
799a37d IPACM: disable ipacm compile on msmnile
0fe2143 IPACM: fix the ipacm crash issue on SSR
861bfff IPACM: fix downstream iface list add/del issue
19ee9e0 IPA HAL: fix the upstream down issue
14a9653 IPACM: change DL routing rules back to hashable
062ad1c IPACM: enable IPACM_HAL
0e48e5e ipacm: Add flag -Wall -Werror and fix warnings
5b801e1 ipacm: Disable L2TP Feature support in Android-O
ec108dd IPACM: fix ipacm crash issue
e088520 ipacm: ignore removeDownstream request if netdev down
01b20a6 SetDataLimit: Init Check
cebbb78 ipacm: Fix invalid source pipe index
f27d63a IPA HAL: Input Checks
b6d6b55 IPA HAL: Remove Downstream Iface
e365ac2 ipacm: fix the VTS error
26bca2f ipacm: fix the crash when modem SSR
64d3618 IPACM: fix the fd leaking issue
a8e0178 IPACM: move ipacm configuration file to /vendor/etc
81d3a04 IPACM: fix compilation issue for MDM
a66fa0f IPACM: Fix compilation on MDM target
48329a5 IPACM: add TCP SYN filtering rules
001fdd4 ipacm: buffer downstream and upstream events
08efbfe ipacm: fix the v6-offload issue on Android
17b9f5c IPACM: add support for packet length update
6376cc2 IPACM: Support Dual embedded & rmnet call
e33f92b ipacm: Fix to prevent invalid deletion of filtering rules of IPV6
dce2310 IPACM: handle the timing issue on upstream_del
1362bd8 IPACM: add meta-data mask on ALG FLT rules
85604a0 ipacm: add NULL check on conntrack de-registration
bcbf877 ipacm: make ip address in updatetimeout network byte order
eebbb16 IPACM: add filtering rule for unique local address
0070fbf IPACM: fix L2TP issues
4f82dae IPACM: add support for L2TP
dfda87d ipanat: Add support for Multi PDN
1d6dbdc ipacm: Set flag to handle IPA_HANDLE_WAN_UP_TETHER event only once in STA mode
1265496 hal: deal with unsatisfied dependencies
b15dcf3 hal: 1.0: Initial commit
c948d75 IPACM: fix the index overflow issue
8a9edca IPACM: move to use /data/vendor/ipa folder
5668c3c IPACM: Add support on IPACM-HAL for Android-O
e6a8f7d ipacm: fix the heap-use-after-free issue on bootup
6c2c460 IPACM: fix the security issue in ConntrackClient
7ddc2e3 IPACM: fix security issue in querying if index
3b6ea40 IPACM: remove usage of obsolote definitions
c15f586 fix device syntax from SDM845 to sdm845 at IPACM makefile
a916529 IPACM: enable IPACM for IPAv3 on Napali
590a0a8 ipacm: disable ipacm/ipanat on data.lnx.3.0
311752b ipacm: disable IPACM compile on 8996
f21db72 ipacm: disable IPACM compile on 8998
c61c4c6 IPACM: add static ARP entry
d229e54 IPACM: resolving the UPSTEAM_DEL event timing issue
c5c50a7 ipacm: Fix KW issues
b550768 ipacm: Fix KW issues
46e9c26 IPACM: Handle 2 consecutive default route events
38b9a0f lunch command change to msm8998
60c945f IPACM: fix the crash due to unsupport tether ifaces
8756392 IPACM: change DL routing rule to be non-hashable
9c7076b ipacm: Fix race condition between nat delete rule and update timestamp
6172f4f IPACM: fix the logic in WLAN AP-AP use case
cb202c9 IPACM: fix compilation error on IPAv2
033aef1 IPACM: delete client header when interface goes down
5f55d12 IPACM: Fix the logic of inter-interface communication
06e7c06 IPACM: add support for new QMI message
21f7f88 IPACM: not clean the mac entry in neighbor module
e4aebe9 ipacm: Fix race condition between nat delete and update timestamp
476d30b IPACM: add STA offload support on Android platform
488bbc8 ipacm: Enable IPACM for msm8940
cad3451 IPACM: adjust ip type maintenance logic
1468b49 IPACM: ignore early IPv6 default route event
f4e88b3 IPACM: fix KW issues
c8c6755 IPACM: fix the ip type issue
d9b2eaa IPACM: Cache non nat ifaces only for backhaul mode
a9d53ce IPACM: Add dummy nat rules only for modem backhaul
18ed683 ipacm: changes related to IP Passhthrough
df178de IPACM: change WLAN category back to UNKNOWN_IF
8c5a6d9 IPACM: fix KW issue
f35038b IPACM: add wlan2 and wlan3 in xml file
7ca34e7 IPACM: ignore invalid new neighbor message
615dfb0 IPACM: fix KW issue
b720974 ipacm: Fix NULL pointer and boundary check
6fb842a IPACM: Fix the dangling reference
d930392 IPACM: call ioctl IPA_IOC_PUT_RT_TBL
edfee47 ipacm: Buffer overflow
34b018d IPACM: fix hashable filtering rule issue
0262ca1 IPACM: increase modem UL filtering rule cache
ba6fe11 IPACM: Add support for cobalt target
ce89939 IPACM: Add Ethernet bridging central controller
00cdfd1 IPACM: add structure of two message queues
c7ca219 IPACM: disable firewall monitor for Android
2f11160 IPACM: fix KW issues
6ae5e61 IPACM: refactoring filtering on LAN/WLAN interfaces
b81a389 IPACM: Fix hashable fields to behave in boolean form
bbb3c92 IPACM: fix compilation issue
1254fa1 IPACM: Add support for non IPA data path
48c4dd4 IPACM: add ethernet header for ipv6 DL traffic
9281509 IPACM: add support for CLANG compile
b8c5cad ipacm: Fix KW Errors
254de9d IPACM: clean the modem UL rules after SSR
135b3da IPACM: populate header handle
37e0de9 IPACM: change src mac to bridge0
a26c8ec IPACM: fix ipv6 prefix problem
195d007 IPACM: wrong destination for ipv6 wan clients
ff639a2 IPACM: Routing/Filtering support for IPAv3
bc093fe IPACM: Fix to clean up default LL routes
a3cc814 IPACM: Fix the UL traffic taking SW-exception
6d768a0 IPACM: Add support to get tether stats
06de5f1 IPACM: Fix the ipv6-only AP+STA use-case
b06d13d Opt out of clang till issues are fixed
b94558c IPACM: Handle NEIGH_EVENT for linklocal IP/IPv6 address
5a8c0fd IPACM: fix memory leak during client connect
9331f6e IPACM: Fix a check of mmap call
75da2ca IPACM: enable logging only for debug builds
21c78b5 IPACM: Fix the nat timeout update issue
272a435 IPACM: Fix the compilation errors
ea8df80 IPACM: fix the ipv6 rmnet-tethering FTP issue
fafb397 IPACM: Fix the nat iface missing when cfg change
b10242a IPACM: Handle new neighbor event
db3f581 IPACM: fix icmpv4 filter rule not clean
cd1a76d IPACM: Fix the KW errors
6d88f62 IPACM: fix incorrect filter index issue
db99143 IPACM: Handle AF_BRIDGE netlink message
d5611c7 IPACM: Fix the filter index while deleting the rule
600cc4b IPACM: fix lan2lan ipv6 issue
77a827e IPACM: Suppor IPA stats update in ENFORCE mode
7a81cf6 IPACM: Support ipv6 android tethering statistics
b989026 IPACM: add TCP SYN/FIN/RST flt rules
004093c IPACM: Code cleanup for the WLAN guest ap filtering rule
5d3f2e8 IPACM: Support android tethering statistics
aa624e6 IPACM: Enable meta-data in ICMP/ICMPv6 filtering rule on DL path
445f2ca IPACM: Add error check while querying TX and RX properties
0f224e5 IPACM: Add support for HW path between Guest AP clients
e14d043 IPACM: Change the defualt access mode of WLAN interface
5cf6509 IPACM: Add support for Ethernet bridge Mode
269ef41 IPACM: Fix the correct syntax for ODU configuration
e25e786 IPACM: Add initial support for HW path between CPE and USB clients
bc9fa75 IPACM: Delete nat entries from cache
e6eecf7 IPACM: Increase the neighbor mac cache
421f006 ipa : Addition of diag log messages for IPA NAT
9b85a07 IPACM: First AP+STA connection is taking sw path
cb36a6c msm: ipa: Compile ipacm for specific targets only
e145724 IPACM: Fix for LAN ICMP and ICMPv6 traffic to take HW path
e861a01 IPACM: Delete IPv6 filtering table when xlat PDN goes down
53cfe0b IPACM: Add support for AP-AP mode with internet only guest profile
8e64030 IPACM: fix rndis/ecm routing rule missing
5196ce7 IPACM: fix the wlan MCC mode failed
c3aabc9 IPACM: Add support for IHL based filtering of IPv6 fragement packets
f3223b2 IPACM: update dst mac address correctly
864f9da IPACM: support CPE<->WLAN through Ethernet Bridging data path
534cee8 IPACM: prevent crash if iface not register Tx/Rx property
b6878a8 IPACM: fix the CPE client header issue
4b58536 IPACM : Add support for the XLAT feature
43cf93d IPACM: Add change to make IPv4 ICMP traffic to take SW path
5a5b310 IPACM: Add support for new WDI events
14ccbc5 IPACM: fix the configuration file missing issue
602478e IPACM: Add QMAP header in routing rule
61061e1 IPACM: resolve the compile issue on 8952
b2d6cf9 IPACM: support external-AP running bridge mode
e00fad9 IPACM: add flt rule counter on each prod client
2912b25 IPACM: enable ipacm daemon for user build
367a1d2 IPACM: add support for cradle in msmzirc
bc0cbc8 IPACM: Add support for Ethernet bridging in MCC Mode
f735509 IPACM: eMBMS traffic take offload path on ODU only
a8bce2c IPACM: fix the cpe bootup crash issue
8fa1c46 IPACM: restore old connections when LTE up again
b181b7e IPACM: fix external AP switch issue
97ea9bd IPACM: check if the upstream_route_add is expected
c91d34c IPACM: Remove meta data equation for ALG rules
de35e43 IPACM : Set a unique name for each thread in ipacm
c2d8533 IPACM: fix the exception pipe issue in WAN interface
f7de8e2 IPACM: Remove meta data equation for Ethernet bridging
3674f70 IPACM: fix memory leak issue
9fb80f6 IPACM: Reset nat memory before posting init command
d426f93 IPACM: fix the IPv6 DL fragment packet issue
3df4de9 IPACM: fix the embedded call issue in msmzirc
47d322e IPACM: fix pointer init/free issue
ecdf7a3 IPACM: Handle no ALG ports case
381d2e7 IPACM: Change the TCP control filtering rule
f59e9c4 IPACM: support IPA_RM dependency for CPE project
f5efb4f IPACM: fix modem assert issue after eMBMS goes down
2b094f5 IPACM: add MCC/SCC switch support in ipacm
ae0436d IPACM: fix ecm cradle mode unexpected link-down event
e9d9b15 IPACM: fix the issue of missing first new neighbor message
af8ebea IPACM: add support for Ethernet Bridging
65a2990 IPACM: Fix lan2lan RT rule failed issue
273d5f6 IPACM: Fix IPv6 DL fragmented packet issue
a6a7021 IPACM: Increase the maximum number of modem UL filtering rules
8bff703 Data compilation fix:
69b032b IPACM: fix the exception pipe index
f9397fa IPACM: Fixes memory leak issue when wlan up/down
cca4f44 IPACM: Fixes IPA_RM dependency issue on cradle
e13f5ee IPACM: Move ipacm.pid file to /data/misc/ipa
c09b0f1 IPACM: Fixes for Wi-Fi offload for AP-STA mode
8098376 IPACM: Fix RNDIS ipv6 ping issue
377db1a IPACM: Fix KW issue
fa4e388 IPACM: support ODU project in LE
31762e1 IPACM: move the socket location in Android
2736e16 IPACM: filter out AF_BRIDGE netlink message
ccb6972 IPACM: speed up to construct wifi-client RT rules
2c7d962 IPACM: Fix AP+STA mode FTP loca-subnet disconnect issue
defdef0 IPACM: change filter rule deletion order
46f513e IPACM: ignore SW-routing enable/disable msgs
2ace013 ipanat: Add IPANT tests
244b846 IPACM: Add dynamic support for swtiching between SW/HW path
49e65ab ipanat: move ipaNatTable device node creation
d1e8dd8 IPACM: get upstream and tethered iface in Android
13fe7ba Compile out for TARGET_USES_AOSP
866dbb8 IPACM: Clean the NAT rules before delete RT rules
f31d506 IPACM: not contruct rules in wlan STA mode for msm8994
6f5c0bd IPACM: Change the method for preventing multiple instances of ipacm
9fba0cf IPACM: workaround to get upstream iface from netlink
1db816f IPACM: Warn messages seen on Apps processor and follows the Data stall
e8c9d24 IPACM: Fix klocwork issue on master branch
7c7b9f2 IPACM: fix the index issue of incorrect modem UL filtering rule
c56fc32 IPACM: add more ALG ports for Android platform
6290421 IPANAT: fix for loop issue
5b2d3ff IPACM: Update QMAP ID in USB/WLAN pipes only for Internet PDN
f388580 IPACM: fix cradle mode plug-in/plug-out issue
57c11b7 IPACM: reduce the prints in QXDM
b53825f IPACM: fix Q6 Rx rules not clean issue
670c6c3 IPACM: Fix fragment exception rule should be first
5d3b03c IPACM: try to continue read msg from ipa-driver
7ac041a IPACM: fix IPv6 embedded call not working issue
a77b544 IPACM: fix QXDM log not working in Android
ee2cd35 IPACM: support upstream wan iface in Android
a1d886d ipa-cfg-mgr: Add Android.mk files for IPACM and IPANAT
43b4138 IPACM: fix ipv6 rules issue for usb/wlan client
c4a7135 IPACM: Fix end2end ipv6 ping issue
0bd8968 IPACM: fix crash issue in LE
9f22bea IPACM: add backup support to reset upstream iface
96deecd IPANAT: remove the syslog usage
2eeab69 IPACM: fix file descriptor issue
21f6687 IPACM: Fix conntrack event comes earlier than new neighbor
f69c46a IPACM: fix missing RTM_NEWNEIGH for WLAN channel change
bbe16ae IPACM: Fix IPv4 firewall not working issue
55f064d IPACM: support QXDM diag via socket
9110118 IPANAT: fix IPANAT deletion issue
c8e3c33 IPANAT: Fix checkpatch errors
ef6b669 IPACM: Add support for closing wwan_ioctl
288da49 IPACM: fix ipv6 ecm-backhaul issue
6cc1c79 IPACM: fix crash issue in Android
85968e6 IPACM: fix wlan-event issue from ipa-driver
18a55e0 IPACM: support 8994 private subnet change
fc43b4d IPACM: add support for multi-PDN
1124056 IPACM: read XML configuration for bridge name
fcb575d IPACM: fix klocwork issue
5a569ca IPACM: support usb dynamic config w.o plug-in/out
d4d49c6 IPACM: add conntrack optimization for lan2lan module
8adfae2 ipacm: CR652134 fix - Decreasing total_num_wifi_clients
29eec61 IPANAT: fix AP+STA mode packets take SW path
d3cf8bf IPACM: support dynamic ipacm configuration
580dcfb IPACM: fix filtering rule index for WLAN APAP mode
58befd2 IPACM: clean up q6 static UL filter rules
b728822 IPACM: fix v6 wan link-down up issue
316c852 IPACM: fix wlan new_addr comes earlier issue
3c708f5 IPACM: fix WLAN mode switch and AP+STA mode STA LINK_DOWN issue
1582b87 IPACM: Fix firewall rule IP address order problem
5c36c2f IPACM: fix for lan2lan hw path
b371dda IPACM: enable LAN2LAN traffic using HW-path
4b2d725 IPACM: handle multiple ETH usb clients
3d02680 IPANAT: Not add embedded connections in AP+STA mode
1318fb1 IPACM: Fix NAT table didn't delete when LTE down
050cb17 IPACM: avoid duplicate instance
2642ee0 Include unistd.h
346eeeb IPACM: support multiple ETH usb clients
b17124f IPACM: support 8994 linux Android build
ae94f35 IPACM: fix dynamic firewall rule issue
8c7397d IPANAT: fix double NAT issue for embedded traffic
d6a64e0 IPACM: fix ipv6 backhaul up again crash issue
b5e927c IPACM: support IPA power save feature
21f4e5e IPACM: fix v6 DL traffic going through SW path
c0089bc IPANAT: fix nat entry is not clean when usb-client unplug
6f4512a PACM: fix missing RTM_NEWLINK for ECM disconnect
3e301ab IPACM: remove a2_service related dependency
6ab27d4 IPACM: fix no default route v4/v6 rule with Q6 backhaul
82d7068 IPACM: Fix for AP + STA mode
b02ce8e IPACM: fix firewall rule, ecm RT rule missing
cd1732e Fix rule index notification to modem: take into account the private subnet filtering rules
05ad9f3 IPACM: Added support for 9x35 HW/SW architecture
a9f45d3 IPACM: fix lan/wan calloc free issue
8dda3a9 IPACM: fix file-descriptor not clean issue
0a84f13 IPACM: increase netlink socket buffer size
1a82ff2 IPACM: fix v6-firewall rule issue
e9f5938 IPANAT fix: delete IPANAT entry when ECM client went away
89d1ebe ipanat: fix wifi-client reconnect nat miss
57fbbb5 IPACM: IPANAT changes for 9x35
7877ea1 IPACM: fix wlan client out of power-mode v6 issue
b7c1dd4 IPACM: fix nat entries not clean in IPA hardware
3be1d2a IPACM: Fix wifi-client header not clean issue
4f5072b IPACM: delete dependency before free Rx-property
74c1d7b IPACM: delete dependency even wlan rules are not clean
44f01b5 IPACM: fix AP+STA mode header not clean issue
da7c82d IPACM/IPANAT: Fix using syslog causing crash
38c09d6 IPACM: fix NAT-rules deleted before RT-rules when power-save
a781bcc Fix loop issue in IPANAT table
34655b1 1. Only interfaces that register rx or tx properties should be nat by ipahw 2. Change NAT-logic in IPACM to only do NATTING for NAT-iface clients 3. Instaed of blocking NON-NAT iface clients
3342e48 1. update timeout for both tcp and udp connections 2. To update udp connections timeout value use ip_conntrack_udp_timeout_stream 3. To update tcp connection timeout value use ip_conntrack_tcp_timeout_established 4. Start inotify thread to read update udp/tcp timeout values"
a40f99f To fix kw errors
384df79 Listen for AP_disconnect/STA_disconnect from WLAN-Driver and post link-down event to IPACM CMD_queue
9cf6a54 Create IPACM_ConntrackClient instance as part of global variable initialization to avoid race conditions
371dbc4 Remove the hack in makefile, now IPACM will support dynamically both WLAN has RX_prop or none
9e47e84 (1) In ECM use-case, if doing fast plug-in/plug-out within 2s, the IPACM sometimes will crash due to rmnet0 didn't have TX-property, add checking there (2) Event-dispatcher has some bugs when instance closes, somehow IPACM will access the freed memory location try to find next link-list cell
6fe0dc7 (1) In AP+STA mode, if the default gw route event comes later than new_neighbor event for wlan0 (STA iface), IPACM received new_neighbor will check if header-construction is done already or not, won't insert multiple STA_header
b1dceb6 (1) Support QCMAP feature: Guest_AP can.t talk to Primary_AP etc (2) Solution is to put all LAN traffic to A5
686c676 (1) support ECM plug/unplug behavior to configure/delete ECM related filter and routing rules without monitoring iface up/down. Current USB-team didn.t bring up/down ecm0 ifaces. (2) Solve the ECM usb-unplug, RT-rules are not clean issue.
93a8d96 Support ipv4 brdige0 changes, IPACM will get all wifi-client/ecm-client with ipv4-address coming from bridge0
014d447 Enabling sys log by default using start_ipacm_le script for more control
d9b927d Fixes for: (1) default wan filtering rule missing due to the mobileap_firewall.xml file is not specified. (2) add hack in IPACM to not add dependency between WLAN-RX endpoint to ECM/A2-Tx endpoints by only changing makefile in the future (AM_CPPFLAGS += -DWLAN_SW_RX).
003f942 Don't overwrite mobileap_firewall.xml from QCMAP team
129c14c Support if wlan ipv4 new_addr comes earlier than AP_connect from WLAN_driver
87b30d9 1. adding sys log support 2. added dynamic enabled/disable file/sys log 3. added circular file log
4367ae1 code changes for IPACM support A2-power-collapse by add/delete dependency between ifaces (A2/HSIC/ECM)
270db22 Enable nat entry in cache after adding nat entry successfully
0920d49 Filter out rndis connections at user space not using netfilter conntrack filters
8ef5307 fix the ipv6 default route missing when v6 firewall rules appear
97293ae Here is some code-change for 1. fix the header not clean issue in AP+STA mode for v6 2. checking the wifi client RT rule is setup or not when receive power-save mode to delete
67ae799 This fix includes:
339e031 Issue fixed:
77df222 Fix the ipv6 default route
3d7f2a2 From Skylar "There are some modification on netlink things to process new_neighbor messages, also IPACM_neighbor is to handle construct correct iface name. The WLAN changes will be 1. Duplicated table 2. Increase 2 filtering-rules which we discussed this afternoon"
bf25d12 Here is the fix for support wifi-client dynamically changing their ipv4 and IPACM will handle it when receive new_neighbor messages.
4671a55 Additional fixes from bringup:
fdad00d Fixes from bringup:
5a9a114 Various fixes from bringup:
373d33d Various fixes from bring-up:
a1644d1 Add ipv6 header config, firewall enhancement
70267d3 Use sanitized headers in data-ipa-cfg-mgr makefiles
18067b9 Additional fixes from bring-up:
17889f9 Fix include path to point to sysroot
f487a7b Rename data-ipa to data-ipa-cfg-mgr to align with manifest path
72c8c60 Fixed crashes found during Bring up
402ba24 Fixed below issues found during IPA bring up:
5dcfae2 IPA configuration manager daemon and IPA NAT library.
ca61ebf Initial empty repository

project frameworks/opt/net/ims/

project frameworks/opt/telephony/
1c6853d IMS: RTT feature changes

project packages/resources/devicesettings/
5a824fe Add strings for Ambient Display always on mode

project vendor/oneplus/
809a329 op3: Update blobs from OOS 5.0.8
4fdc517 op3: Update blobs from OOS 5.0.7
1853278 op3: Kang ims.apk from daisy
f7a6cca op3: Update Vulkan to P blobs
d9c6b03 op3: Mass blob update from daisy