project frameworks/base/
a4d019f SystemUI: Add tunables for clock AM/PM style

project packages/apps/Messaging/
93dda9a Messaging: Add "Mark as read" quick action for message notifications
d03f605 Allow intent shared subject or title to be mms subject
c139e3f Messaging: allow app to be disabled
5e5984d Messaging: change cell broadcast intent to Settings
16533d2 Messaging: Add 'new message' shortcut

project packages/apps/Settings/
73880d7 Settings: add Evervolv version in the About Phone screen
a398521 Settings: add am_pm statusbar clock choice

project packages/inputmethods/LatinIME/
82cc031 LatinIME: sync and rebuild emojis
f276412 LatinIME: Add shortcuts support
3216a62 LatinIME: Disable Hungarian spell checking
de1411a LatinIME: Add Luxembourgish keyboard & spellchecking dictionary
8c148fa LatinIME: Add Bulgarian, Georgian and Ukrainian wordlists
48ec749 LainIME: add unicode 9.0 chars
041ffb7 LatinIME: Add support for Australian English
ed11ba9 Add support for B├ępo keyboard layout
d427e0c LatinIME: disable sound on keypress on all devices by default
b13d1d1 LatinIME: support for incognito mode
41f1223 LatinIME: Enable spellchecker for additional languages
458d5c2 Fix send button not being centered for non-standard densities.
20aec6f Don't interrupt active gesture input by modifier key presses.
59fe33c LatinIME: HU enable predictive dictionary and remove unused letters
5f7630b LatinIME: Regenerate KeyboardTextsTable
76d47ed latinime: Add "more" keys to ALL the keys
c4d0105 LatinIME: Add fallback loader for JNI lib
f97ea34 Don't crash when displaying the " key

project vendor/ev/sdk/
bd243ac EVSettings: add am_pm statusbar clock choice