project android/
924c19c manifest: track DownloadProvider and SettingsIntelligence

project device/oneplus/oneplus3/
8e995de op3: IMS Support
4dc36b1 op3: don't overwrite frameworks-res from vendor
f76505a op3: Set OPA property to enable google assistant

project frameworks/base/
6af8c64 Wifi: Check for WiFiService's existence before its access
e3136af TunerServiceImpl: Blacklist Evervolv settings from tuner reset
ce34aad SystemUI: Berry styles
eba0563 navbar: make use of tuner API
38e09c31 SystemUI: Bringup tuner navbar and statusbar changes
6d2e55a SystemUI: Add tuner interface to StatusBarSignalPolicy
c5a4cfe TunerServiceImpl: Add support for Evervolv global settings
bfc11f1 SystemUI: Allow using tuner API for EVSettings

project frameworks/opt/telephony/
3d18a05 LocaleTracker: Add null check before accessing WifiManager
7b691ce TelephonyComponentFactory: Overload makeSubscriptionInfoUpdater
3363fb6 Telephony: dont scare AOSP people
7cd090d Telephony: Fix loading of older QTI blobs

project packages/apps/DocumentsUI/
e048d61 DocumentsUI: support night mode

project packages/apps/EVToolbox/
8e58b42 EVToolbox: Use AOSP permission CHANGE_OVERLAY_PACKAGES for styles
1acf518 parts: Disable dark mode on light design
f0c0901 parts: introduce berry styles

project packages/apps/Settings/
f5453cb Settings: Hide AOSP theme-related controllers

project packages/apps/SettingsIntelligence/

project packages/providers/DownloadProvider/

project packages/services/Telephony/
de112e0 Don't start SIP service before decrypted

project system/sepolicy/
23d391f sepolicy: add style api

project vendor/ev/
03cdb38 privapp-permissions: Whitelist CHANGE_OVERLAY_PACKAGES permission
4abb23f vendor: set default accent color to lineage teal
bdc78e2 vendor: build berry overlay packages
5e1b658 ev: add style api

project vendor/ev/build/
f7d3d97 ev: add BUILD_RRO_SYSTEM_PACKAGE target

project vendor/ev/sdk/
f182614 sdk: Make styles init at system services ready
f716d0b sdk: Don't clear calling identify when calling IOverlayManager.setEnabled()
17c3905 sdk: Use AOSP permission CHANGE_OVERLAY_PACKAGES for styles
dbab960 overlays: Set LOCAL_PRIVATE_PLATFORM_APIS := true
a9af7fa overlays: add black style
9f1b516 overlays: do not include sysuidark when our dark package is being shipped
b3ce0e5 Initial commit
dc35dcf styles: add support for more dark overlays
f385275 StyleInterfaceService: Adapt to new PackageInfo API
08ad002 sdk: workaround for runtime-permission request dialog with GooglePackageManager
35d4ce3 sdk: Styles API finalization for API9
7aa7170 sdk: introduce Style API
533a574 sdk: add berry global style and accent settings
aba7ee7 sdk: add accent names references

project vendor/google/
9703965 remove themes from repo

project vendor/oneplus/
abd9122 Revert "op3: Update ims.apk for P framework"