project kernel/oneplus/msm8996/
2713f9f Linux 3.18.68
2c3accf ACPI / APEI: Add missing synchronize_rcu() on NOTIFY_SCI removal
9bfdf6b staging: rtl8188eu: add RNX-N150NUB support
0647d12 iio: imu: adis16480: Fix acceleration scale factor for adis16480
8000711 Bluetooth: bnep: fix possible might sleep error in bnep_session
a17886b Bluetooth: cmtp: fix possible might sleep error in cmtp_session
81baf8c Bluetooth: hidp: fix possible might sleep error in hidp_session_thread
d5255d9 perf/core: Fix group {cpu,task} validation
a2a7cf0 nfsd: Limit end of page list when decoding NFSv4 WRITE
5ff5bac cifs: return ENAMETOOLONG for overlong names in cifs_open()/cifs_lookup()
04c9392 cifs: Fix df output for users with quota limits
5dd7885 tracing: Fix freeing of filter in create_filter() when set_str is false
d3f4c19 drm: Release driver tracking before making the object available again
e3d62b2 ALSA: hda - Add stereo mic quirk for Lenovo G50-70 (17aa:3978)
639ea02 ALSA: core: Fix unexpected error at replacing user TLV
ea20526 Input: trackpoint - add new trackpoint firmware ID
4eebc90 net_sched: fix order of queue length updates in qdisc_replace()
28ae858 net: sched: fix NULL pointer dereference when action calls some targets
69e12f8 irda: do not leak initialized list.dev to userspace
8621be0 tcp: when rearming RTO, if RTO time is in past then fire RTO ASAP
82bd555 sctp: fully initialize the IPv6 address in sctp_v6_to_addr()
e96bad7 dccp: defer ccid_hc_tx_delete() at dismantle time
a9b7f06 dccp: purge write queue in dccp_destroy_sock()