project device/oneplus/oneplus3/
bec5edb power: add support for schedutil governor
4e2a153 marlin: use schedutil for eas instead of sched

project kernel/oneplus/msm8996/
6b7b050 marlin: puttin the hertz on
6e256df DEBUG: sched/fair: Fix sched_load_avg_cpu events for task_groups
12d6eff DEBUG: sched/fair: Fix missing sched_load_avg_cpu events
dec2d9b Revert "cgroup: Fix issues in allow_attach callback"
71225fc ANDROID: sched/walt: fix build failure if FAIR_GROUP_SCHED=n
de7e7d8 sched/walt: kill {min,max}_capacity
c0ef640 sched: EAS & 'single cpu per cluster'/cpu hotplug interoperability
f6d8034 sched: Multiple upstream load tracking changes
3c61196 sched/fair: Fix effective_load() to consistently use smoothed load
ed3fbc1 sched: propagate asynchrous detach
896e1ef sched: propagate load during synchronous attach/detach
03df0b8 sched: fix hierarchical order in rq->leaf_cfs_rq_list
145179b sched: factorize PELT update
d3aa704 sched: factorize attach entity
3d37163 sched/fair: Improve PELT stuff some more
1d9b497 sched/fair: Apply more PELT fixes
f065ee0 sched/fair: Initiate a new task's util avg to a bounded value
8a98c7b Fixup!: sched/fair: No need to 'and' current cpu w/ online mask in wakeup
6547196 Fixup!: Return first idle cpu for prefer_idle task immediately
205a6e0 Fixup!: sched/fair: Simplify idle_idx handling in select_idle_sibling()
bb86e77 Fixup!: sched/fair: Refactor min_util, new_util in find_best_target()
0c6c0e6 Fixup!: sched/fair: Simplify idle_idx handling in find_best_target()
16397a6 Fixup!: sched/fair: Simplify target_util handling in find_best_target()
b90d720 sched/fair: Simplify backup_capacity handling in find_best_target()
d24cd33 Experimental!: sched/fair: Change cpu iteration order in find_best_target()
409030b Experimental!: sched/core: Add first cpu w/ max/min orig capacity to root domain
7f31a2c sched/core: Remove remnants of commit fd5c98da1a42
ce8c539 Experimental!: sched: Remove sysctl_sched_is_big_little
04cd67c Experimental!: sched/fair: Code !is_big_little path into select_energy_cpu_brute()
1bf8605 Experimental!: EAS: sched/fair: Re-integrate 'honor sync wakeups' into wakeup path
f48dc7d Fixup!: sched/fair.c: Set SchedTune specific struct energy_env.task
c82ebbd Experimental!: sched/fair: Energy-aware wake-up task placement
84fc1f5 Experimental!: sched/fair: Add energy_diff dead-zone margin
923d7ab Experimental!: sched/fair: Decommission energy_aware_wake_cpu()
130a6e8 Experimental!: sched/fair: Do not force want_affine eq. true if EAS is enabled
359fb1ca Experimental! arm64: Set SD_SHARE_CAP_STATES sched_domain flag on DIE level
60b3150 sched/fair: Fix incorrect comment for capacity_margin
c41c842 sched/fair: Avoid pulling tasks from non-overloaded higher capacity groups
39aef31 sched/fair: Add per-CPU min capacity to sched_group_capacity
83daf09 sched/fair: Consider spare capacity in find_idlest_group()
3b96f39 sched/fair: Compute task/cpu utilization at wake-up correctly
362efb1 sched/fair: Let asymmetric CPU configurations balance at wake-up
46d8129 sched/core: Enable SD_BALANCE_WAKE for asymmetric capacity systems
da39525 sched/core: Pass child domain into sd_init()
33ac85d sched/core: Introduce SD_ASYM_CPUCAPACITY sched_domain topology flag
d868d71 sched/core: Remove unnecessary NULL-pointer check
f39945f sched/fair: Optimize find_idlest_cpu() when there is no choice
5f9690f sched/fair: Make the use of prev_cpu consistent in the wakeup path
9fc695f sched/core: Fix power to capacity renaming in comment
3cfcdfb Partial Revert: "WIP: sched: Add cpu capacity awareness to wakeup balancing"
47c0053 Revert "WIP: sched: Consider spare cpu capacity at task wake-up"
ed0e4fc config: Update marlin_defconfig to include schedutil governor
7d21fbb schedutil: Fix linkage of schedutil and walt
fb8b4a1 cpufreq: schedutil: add up/down frequency transition rate limits
b254a19 trace/sched: add rq utilization signal for WALT
e7a571f sched/cpufreq: make schedutil use WALT signal
016ec34 sched: cpufreq: use rt_avg as estimate of required RT CPU capacity
cff936a cpufreq: schedutil: move slow path from workqueue to SCHED_FIFO task
c96995b sched: backport schedutil governor from 4.9-rc4
4783312 sched: backport cpufreq hooks from 4.9-rc4
72e3b33 kthread: allow to cancel kthread work
a381982 sched/cpufreq: fix tunables for schedfreq governor
862e303 sched: This kernel expects sched_cfs_boost to be signed
31a6087 Revert "DEBUG: UTIL_EST: sched: update tracepoint to report estimated CPU utilzation"
6079904 sched/walt: Drop arch-specific timer access
fd93d04 sched/tune: backport 'fix accounting for runnable tasks'
fd66183 sched: Fix sysctl_sched_cfs_boost type to be int
8e2029b sched/walt: use do_div instead of division operator
744cb6d schedtune: Guarding against compile errors
9611f6e Unify whitespace layout with android-3.18
b5c7f8b Revert: UTIL_EST code from 'fix set_cfs_cpu_capacity when WALT is in use"
ceeca34 sched/fair: Fix uninitialised variable in idle_balance
8783e6e sched/fair: missing parts of 'optimize idle cpu selection for boosted tasks'
f7bdccf eas/sched/fair: Fixing comments in find_best_target.
d031eaf FIX: sched/tune: move schedtune_nornalize_energy into fair.c
9d8a857 FIXUP: sched/tune: update accouting before CPU capacity
0660110 Revert "WIP: UTIL_EST: sched/fair: add support for estimated utilization"
a76c99b Revert "WIP: UTIL_EST: sched/{core,fair}: add support to use estimated utilization"
0d9389d sched: revert UTIL_EST usage from commit 6bf72ca7f1
f1c1433 Revert "WIP: UTIL_EST: switch to usage of tasks's estimated utilization"
d696180 Revert "WIP: UTIL_EST: sched/fair: use estimated utilization to drive CPUFreq"
35c5723 Revert "WIP: UTIL_EST: use estimated utilization on energy aware wakeup path"
169bbd2 Revert "WIP: UTIL_EST: use estimated utilization on load balancing paths"
8ca4273 sched: tune: Fix lacking spinlock initialization
fa496ba ANDROID: sched/tune: schedtune_allow_attach() can be static
04127a2 ANDROID: sched/tune: __pcpu_scope_cpu_boost_groups can be static
4dae95f BACKPORT: rcu: sysctl: Panic on RCU Stall
10af6af enable additional RCU debugging
c03eb8b UPSTREAM: rcu: Improve diagnostics for spurious RCU CPU stall warnings
414d6d0 Audio RT glitch fix [DO NOT MERGE].