project frameworks/base/
ee25b02 Solid battery: Bring back pulsing animation
bfc2bd2 Make 'solid' battery the same size as the circle
dff5a68 PA solid circle battery style [1/2]

project packages/apps/EVToolbox/
a8b208f PA solid circle battery style [2/2]

project packages/apps/Jelly/
22cb565 Implement history management through a ContentProvider.
e28fd6c Jelly: Add HTTP auth login support
7ac5399 Add support for WebViews that provide the site's theme color.
153b7b7 Automatic translation import
0106448 Jelly: Enable adjust bounds for incognito image
c642120 Jelly: Never hide history view
ea83c6c Jelly: Use an observer to refresh the history view
837ec77 Add an indicator icon for incognito mode.
c35cc24 Jelly: Update android tools build
020a697 Jelly: Don't accept cookies in incognito mode
dc48da6 Jelly: Don't add duplicates to the history
78e3754 Jelly: Query an already ordered history
c8e5ebe Jelly: Enable the DOM storage API
64920b0 Jelly: Fix some warnings
503fea1 Jelly: Use lambdas in settings activity