project android/
acd708a manifest: track hardware/qcom/power

project bootable/recovery/
1902986 Fix for LineageOS build
138cdcc recovery: set LOCAL_PACK_MODULE_RELOCATIONS := false
f1d972c recovery: fix build if PIE is disabled
a3ae614 recovery: libverifier: Add fs_mgr header
f439839 recovery: fix build if EV_BUILD is set
39662b2 Fix minui issues for some build trees
79605ae ors: Update doc
ffb02bd Improve decrypted partition logging
4a2a191 adbbackup: write smaller reads less than 512 bytes
05c2de4 Fix various memory errors
5073003 cryptfs: Remove dm-crypt device on failed table load
9c3b7e9 etc: remove "." from LD_LIBRARY_PATH
5f05255 mtdutils: Fix mounting partitions by-name
0d0d522 gui: fix line wrapping in terminal, issue #876
805a5df 3.1.1
0afc1fd Fix reboot when no OS is present
6355b56 Adopted Storage: backup keys but do not wipe them
b5ecaad ADB Backup: fix adb restore issues
76958ae 3.1.0
a52891b Revert "Fix adb shell in 7.0 tree"
3184b2f file_contexts: remove symlink to binary file and use text version instead
201d4b2 vold_decrypt: Add back missing xml and get rid of compiler warning
64c5c0a Add TWRP app install to landscape and watch themes
71c6c50 crypto: Use system's vold for decryption
09e8693 Fix missing libf2fs.so needed by mkfs.f2fs
cc19c6f ADBBU: Cleanup string usage/namespace
ddb63e2 Timeout for decrypt
a9dd9f0 gui: preserve order of gui_print vs gui_msg
c42cb2e languages: update chinese translation
9bb12a6 Update Hungarian localization
653a170 Tweak MTP startup routine
e07f010 Fix handling of USB config during MTP switching
d1afb52 twrpDigest: don't crash when zip.md5 file is empty
1b3fa22 logd: add seclabel so that service runs in 7.1 tree builds
9b4d8dd Use LOGI/LOGE for non-EVENT_LOGGING events
c0f84e7 Run language_helper.py from inside languages dir
ff2c6b2 Update MTP debugging tags
a8e6d83 Do not unconditionally remove MTP storage on unmount
84830ce Only change USB mode to mtp when ready for MTP
9ce12ec build: [FIXUP] Addendum for BusyBox get/setprop & API 24 vs 25
663ad8e Fix "ordered comparison between pointer and zero".
c7a2f93 Update Russian localization
2dd66f4 cryptfs: Fix encryption issue due to stack corruption.
9175844 Add a listxattr tool for listing xattrs
8d039f7 libtar: support backing up and restoring new Android user.* xattr
9cc33c8 Partition: Remove unused has_data_media variable
0c00571 GUI: Fix typo in warning message
d821c96 Symlink file_contexts --> file_contexts.bin
6244806 Fix bldr msg file open mode when offset specified
d1d3cb6 DE language update
650d29f languages: update italian translation
5cec2d8 Update ru.xml for TWRP ver.
01f4e03 Improve backup display names with emulated storage
5128d29 Fix crash during check for TWRP app
0c88b84 Fill uid/gid for screenshots at compile time
d4a1118 GUI: Improve automatic determination of TW_THEME
8df3191 Allow custom bootloader msg offset in block misc
6e4114f gui: Fix Android.mk for TW_CUSTOM_THEME
e7c8856 recovery: adjust mkfs.f2fs location
6b9ad62 orscmd: add minimal getcap and setcap tools
0c347d5 Support power key on slideout
3267662 Whitespace cleanup in Themes
1615916 Disable relocations on orscmd to fix compile error in Omni 7.1
b386f71 ifdef overlay graphics
c51bd35 Try mounting different filesystems during decryption
37a7ab6 Add another license header
5e1a7f9 Fix detection of TWRP app in /data
74bff7f gui: bump theme version to 2
3626bdc bldrmsg: Only emmc /misc is supported
c39b1b4 gui: Initialize button render position
91584b2 HardwareKeyboard: Update event logging
b68bff0 GUI: Mark local flip() function as static
908a277 fb2png: Update/Cleanup headers
18bdccb init: Remove duplicate trigger of load_system_props_action
06543e3 Add missing file descriptor closes
173cdb9 Restore TW_BACKUP_AVG_IMG_RATE handling
8405761 Move sh selection out of GUI makefile
c55b9a7 Move pigz symlinks out of GUI makefile
e04eee7 Add missing license headers
9eb2769 flashutils: additional emmc check
9472ba1 gui: Actions: Toggle backlight on power key
8741364 SELinux can be assumed for Android 4.4+
a0cd91d Restore file system type logline on restore
0289955 Do not disable performance mode too early for backup
23d8aae Unused variable cleanup
029a82d Very minor code cleanup
a8a89d1 Whitespace cleanup
55f2bda gui: remove old unmaintained 2.x theme
7118774 libtar: backup and restore posix capabilities
a083dc6 ADBbackups: Fix wrong owner on binary backups.
1efebdc Include symlink size (path length) in Get_Folder_Size()
d73903c gui: Detect device resolution with TARGET_SCREEN_HEIGHT/WIDTH
584b977 TWRP device version string
5733215 build: AOSP/CM14 fixes (API 24/25, mainly BusyBox-less environment)
7dde36d updater: link libcrypto_utils_static if it exist
1c28904 libtar: Use relative path for crypto/ext4crypt include
1021edf bootloader_message: Allow TWRP to ignore wipe-data command into misc
dcd1e44 Support theme width and height offsets
b29a5e2 build: Consolidate the crypto_utils presence tests
4767caf Fix compile error on 4.4 tree
a4d4f31 Adjust & Improve Chinese translations for zh_CN/TW again
f2e3f0c Change version to 3.0.3 to support the app release
abd0874 Update Ukraine language translation (via jemmini)
b4bff5e Add TWRP app install via TWRP recovery
9b1b818 TWRP Language Update
ff2b788 Change handling of /cache due to AB devices not having cache
79f88bd Support backup/restore of FBE policies
bd7492d Support File Based Encryption
1b19016 Add boot slot support
941a899 Support new AB OTA zips

project external/bash/
36afba2 Revert "bash: prefer toybox's ls"

project external/busybox/
82379ff busybox: libarchive: Fix matchpathcon_init use of libselinux
f10c365 busybox: Rename busybox symlink module
ad89404 busybox: Cleanup version string
5734857 busybox: Only optionally build busybox
9995428 busybox: Squelch missing intermediates dir warning
864e340 Revert "Disable link generation for Busybox"

project external/e2fsprogs/
d9af4d0 e2fsck: Add e2fsck_static

project external/f2fs-tools/
d83e10c f2fs-tools: hack headers to unbreak darwin build
4818f4e libf2fs_fmt: Add missing src file
035c193 f2fs-tools: Update to 1.7.0
abb1b57 f2fs-tools: release 1.7.0
94afaad fsck: recover symlink with zero i_size
6e65c2f fsck.f2fs: clean up duplicated code
0828f17 f2fs-tools: update the format of output message
1bd8545 fsck.f2fs: free nat entry cache
4bc8d3c fsck.f2fs: fix typo
6b64f77 fsck.f2fs: correct variable type and name
ef3c1fa f2fs.fsck: fix endianess
e2f463a dump.f2fs: show inode->i_dir_level
9e0377a mkfs: define DISCARD/SECDISCARD macro
7711171 mkfs/fsck: add host-managed smr feature
bf4bc6a fsck.f2fs: allow zero link count for orphan inode
45ade73 mkfs.f2fs: ZBC device support
5a3891d fsck.f2fs: modify sit dump && add nat dump
d8c34e6 fsck.f2fs: check sector size if formatted from a regular file
b29f82d fsck.f2fs: reset fsck flag if there is no bug
cb2d5e0 fsck.f2fs: remove duplicated codes in sanity_check_raw_super
cdd5cbf resize.f2fs: replace the overprovision calculation method
25a149a script: add simple test script
c3efe19 sload.f2fs: support loading files into partition directly
3a6a397 resize.f2fs: support to expand partition size
c1aeb0e fibmap: pull in sys/sysmacros.h for major/minor
0d108fa fsck.f2fs: check sanity of superblock and fix any misalignment
6c53d3b fsck.f2fs: nullify the freed ckpt pointer
6e0c7f6 fsck.f2fs: set fix_on if error is detected
f8a7811 fsck.f2fs: check ino in nat entry and node footer
e2a20bb fsck.f2fs: cache all nat entries and check each of them
aafbfc1 fsck.f2fs: count the number of inodes during building nat_area_bitmap
b998505 fsck.f2fs: introduce -p option to check meta

project external/pigz/
a6f3dab pigz version 2.3.4
04c6ab1 Add warning for a zip file entry 4 GiB or larger.
06b5347 Fix bug in directory traversal.
1a4c404 Remove return of void in pigz.c.
f77dc7e Permit named pipes as input, as made by mkfifo() or mknod().
c7e0af8 Redefine functions unavailable on MinGW.
7f050dd Use more common errno values to improve portability.
b327e28 Add mentions of zopfli to documentation and help.
c3f91d1 Put libraries at end of load commands for as-needed use case.
e223c89 Add zlib version for verbose version option.
374d167 Add an extra sync marker between independent blocks.
b7d1db4 Add .gitignore.
77ae783 Fix a bug where invalid LZW data could cause out of bounds access.
52ca317 Avoid use of DEBUG macro -- use PIGZ_DEBUG instead.
ebcac2e Update version number to 2.3.4.

project external/toybox/
39eedbf cp: set rc properly
c3a5a80 losetup: Fix loop mounting
97ad7b2 toybox: Remove -e from @echo
aea3b6a toybox: kill colors
a31c4a3 Add missing liblog dependency
409a8e0 Fix ls -lh.
6783156 Add ar archive support to file.
493dc57 Add -h and -L to file.
9f42e83 Izabera pointed out that "file -" was inconsistent (calling stat on "-" but then reading from stdin if it detected a file). Fixed it so "-" always means stdin and you have to say ./- to look at a local "-".
00a7af6 toybox: Add link for ls
337c072 Teach sed s/// how to handle [:space:] type sequences.
eed9ed4 Replace loopfiles' failok with WARN_ONLY open flag.
7f7907f Export notstdio() wrapper.
19394fa Fluff up cmp tests.
8361fbd make test_cmp caused the make invocation to exit with an error because the last test exited with nonzero status and the script preserved it. In the current context, that's counterproductive.
8cc325d Add comment so I don't undo and then redo a thing again.
7fc7db1 Remove a chunk of copied header that hasn't been upated in a while.
299d438 Add openro() and WARN_ONLY flag so xopen() and friends can warn without exiting.
0c8a66e Switch help.c from #ifdef to if()
7528a96 Move genericish function to lib.
0f7f3a5 Add symlink for chrt.
7b7fec9 Add tap support to tunctl.
d293716 Make "LC_ALL=C ls -Cs --color" produce the same output on toybox and ubuntu.
bad5674 Remove some redundancy and unnecessary xprintf().
f9da435 Fix ls -sh.
8b8042a toybox_static: Remove ELF package relocations
a87b65c Add chrt to pending.
38f105d Add tunctl.
7419347 A round of dd cleanup.
bfbf1a8 Promote setfattr
04f0f34 Clean up setfattr.
3d64b0c Change xgetpwnamid/xgetgrnamid to xgetuid/xgetgid returning the id number instead of a struct. This means it can return "12345" even if that user/group doesn't exist in /etc/passwd and similar.
05e1582 Add length modifier to date escapes, and length sanity check.
1a429a7 Make "stat -c %37G file" and "stat -c %.5G file" work, and fix %U and %G to not segfault on a lookup failure (they print the number instead of UNKNOWN).
a7055db Explain shared library policy, fix an unblanaced tag, add some links.
8b685ba Document deviations from posix for echo.
e98089a Add TOYFLAG_NOHELP to disable --help processing for individual commands, apply it to "true" and "false".
bc1ccac Move getusername/getgroupname to lib. (Return name or string representation of number, but never NULL. Both returned in static buffer good through next call.)
4460e9f Matthias Urhahn pointed out that %b returns hardwired 512 byte units (man 2 stat says so) and %B is the units on %b (I.E. always 512), so change output and help text. This matches what other implementations produce.
5b360d8 Inline setup_inout(), test ftruncate() return value, move gettimeofday() before seek so seek time is included in total.
027a73a Make xopen() skip stdin/stdout/stderr, add xopen_stdio() if you want stdout, add xopenro() that takes one argument and understands "-" means stdin, and switch over lots of users.
145b702 Fix warning: 'XATTR_NAME_SMACK' macro redefined.
abf079b Fix touch(1) date parsing on tzcode-derived systems.
8f3e0af Single builds skip commands with 0 in the install location so "make test_scankey" didn't work.
f59f11f Izabera reporeted that FLAG_v was never checked in timeout. (Oops.)
f20b10e Move regexec0 into lib (regexec that takes length and matches after NUL).
7918d9f Usischev Yury pointed out that id shouldn't use exit() directly.
65c4962 Usischev Yury pointed out a use after free error.
12adb41 Many failing tests I need to fix grep to pass while adding --color.
c7f0d6c Common test infrastructure says command name, don't have sed.tests say 'sed sed'
bd471f6 Add getfattr(1) and setfattr(1).
48ea559 The recent option parsing changes broke the multiplexer, because the "toybox" command was trying to parse their options and failing. (Commands that aren't just disabled but have no option string even in the allyesconfig case need an OPTSTR of 0.)
a1ce093 Remove sendevent from the Android roadmap.
63ca146 Add sha224sum, sha256sum, sha384sum, and sha512sum.
75681dc Switch to toybox sendevent.
f61b143 Fix non-library md5sum build. (Oops.)
adef5dc Add optional openssl accelerated versions of hash functions, loosely based on a patch from Elliott Hughes, who said:
fff20ab Don't close stdin when loopfiles reads "-".
f3b9fd4 Somebody asked a FAQ on irc, so answer it.
be6eb98 Add Android's "sendevent".
c06ed8d Add -c to md5sum and sha1sum.
246ec0f Increase ps' default RSS and VSIZE widths.
93e044c Bugfix: suffixless string was feeding terminating NUL to strchr() and matching.
76cc2e2 Implement NOP find -noleaf
30454a4 Convert atolx() and friends to use long long internally. Update design.html to use this (and tail) as examples of simplicity of implementation winning and losing.
f3304b3 Add file(1).
d5088a0 dd improvements.
008fb64 Fix typo in chattr test.
d620f77 Fix generated/make.sh. (Quotes in TOYBOX_VERSION need to wind up in resulting macro.)
ff0e8cb Implement xxd -s.
8a34cbb Don't try to guess the build id type in file(1).
fd78cb4 Fix chattr and date tests.
0ed17f1 Now that we're using the adjusted option string, need to skip placeholders in [groups].
bf950cd Fix a bug (octal digits are 0-7, not 0-8) and deal with a case where posix is explicitly outright insane (%b handles octal escapes differently for no obvious reason).
4e21ddd Promote file.
c5e7ee2 Improve file(1)'s ELF support.
746e565 Promote netsat, and move ifconfig, netcat, and rfkill to new toys/net directory.
0713e4b More netstat cleanup (inline display_data)
2f77b00 Next round of netstat cleanup.
008ba66 Add patch -d and --dry-run
ec0b482 Fix option parsing infrastructure bug.
20f67f1 Teach wc to do -cm together. Fix testsuite so TEST_HOST passes too.
fcbf55a Add NOSPACE=1 to allow tests to pass with diff -b
480fb07 Use libbuf instead of stack buffer.
cf77fe9 Remove unused argument from do_lines()
bd4d244 Remove 'start' and 'stop' from the Android roadmap.
071ef95 Update Android section of roadmap.
ba38a43 Switch to toybox start/stop.
3325b3e Fix iteration for start/stop without arguments.
63cbc68 Fix a "may be used uninitialized".
cc1bc50 Fix start.c build and add error reporting.
c02e584 Code style pass.
8c5cc55 new Android toys: start/stop
dde24f2 Update Android section of roadmap.
a91b9cb Remove android/log's "default" priority.
f74df03 Switch to toybox log.
7159163 Attempt at cleanup of log.c, but I don't have a build environment for it so...
3b05198 new Android toy: log
57dafe3 Last commit depends on new lib code I forgot to check in. (Oops.)
848042a Next round of diffstat cleanup.
8e618f1 Make it clearer that CMD is the thread name.
46409d5 Add readlink0() and readlinkat0() which null terminate the data.
97ddc60 The glibc bug at https://sourceware.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=17829 continues to get worse, and now can't handle INT_MAX/2 either. So our first workaround _also_ broke.
f6453fe Switch to toybox top.
878ff2f Lots of netstat cleanup, including a rewrite of the unix domain socket output. (Ubuntu's netstat is left justifying the inode field, and they're wrong.)
001e4fb Finish switching to dev_major/dev_minor.
4b925a7 Missing parentheses. (Oops.)
5cf208c Fix trailing whitespace bug in netstat.
2eefc17 xreadlink() only exits for memory allocation, it returns 0 if file not found.
d59e6d5 Update Android roadmap section.
1f69674 Shuffle arguments around (TNAME->NAME->COMM->CMD), working around posix constraints while still trying to get sane behavior. Discard the old CMD, move COMM to CMD, move the old NAME to COMM, and move TNAME to NAME.
d32309a Revert commit e02e41373ea3, we're always initializing the TNAME string field (that's the ptb/tb switching in get_ps) so it's never blank, so this doesn't trigger. (Conditionally initializing it would save runtime memory, but at the expense of more complex code.)
082dadc HACK: restore Android ps behavior.
2efbbb3 Fix dangling link after cp command
2009d0a Fix ps bug, last field wasn't expanding to width.
e02e413 Change the TNAME behavior to "Show parent argv[0]. If that's blank, showour argv[0]. If that's blank, show [stat2]."
5786e0d Izabera pointed out that cmp -ls are contradictory.
5d26197 Basic success/failure return from pgrep/pkill.
5352bb6 ps: Show [stat2] for any otherwise blank process name field, expand TNAME to 27, use generated constant for stat field parsing loop.
4cf8a72 In cp -a, don't complain if non-root user can't chown, failure is expected.
6ba7191 Add output path to cp error message filenames.
a439588 Regenerate generated files.
bc8139a Add -o TNAME for android, fix display of last field (retain left justifification when trimmed for screen width), make ARGS path trimming logic work with spaces in path.
0ca829c Stabilize another sort.
48e1f81 Stop building toybox route.
9c3789a Stand alone builds of OLDTOY should show help text for corresponding NEWTOY.
f82c739 The "show parent command path" commit changed the criteria for active nodes, and the collate logic wasn't updated. (Oops.)
a2ba247 Regenerate generated files.
e2ea4fc Fix remaining pkill tests.
148a0c3 Fix pkill -9.
6abf132 Don't truncate number fields for anything but right edge of screen, instead let them overflow and try to reclaim extra space from later short fields.
d6a8928 Make -o COMMAND show parent command path for threads, and use saved length calculations instead of doing strlen() on strings again to store lengths.
56f631c Comment and help text tweaks.
b602f1c Add bufgetgrgid()
9cfdb48 Make build dependencies more granular. This should fix the problem where "make top; make ps" produces a ps that can't do -A because generated/obj/ps.o didn't get rebuilt.
6d50d4c Add bufgetpwuid. (Repeated calls to getpwuid() are really expensive.)
713055b Add top -O
e345fbd Add stat -tL and -c %m%t%T.

project hardware/qcom/power/

project vendor/moto/
e9a20c9 Shamu: Update blobs to Android 7.1.1 (N6F27E)
da2f6a5 Take control of cpu,gpu & hotplug
93685d5 Shamu: Update blobs to Android 7.1.1 (N6F27C)
3b420bb Shamu: Update blobs to Android 7.1.1 (N6F26Y)