project device/asus/flo/
359148c flo: Add performance profile support

project device/hp/tenderloin-common/
e9d3f3c tenderloin: Add performance profile support

project device/lge/hammerhead/
ca19d95 hammerhead: Add performance profile support
2ff57ad power: Update for PerformanceManager changes

project device/moto/shamu/
2478b38 power: Update for PerformanceManager changes
484e4e3 shamu: power: dereference data pointer
c33612c shamu: Simplify powerHAL
c993bd6 power: Update for PerformanceManager changes
a08faf1 shamu: Implement performance profiles using PowerHAL
5290f4c powerHAL: Adds functionality to enable/disable double-tap wake gesture.

project device/oneplus/oneplus3/
55c3382 power: Add support for get_profile
8f00ac1 power: Remove ignore_hispeed_notif tuning
47c57f7 power: Remove camera hints from 8996
2315edf power: Use monotonic time for interaction boost
5c30ecc power: 8996: Fix only sending the first pair out of every perf profile
780b8b1 power/8996: Disable sched grouping for flings
5fe4bd2 power: msm8996: Support boost and perf profile hints
a1f0c51 common: update enum value for sched perflocks

project frameworks/base/
e78bb05 PerformanceManager: Don't override the user preference
81b5573 PerformanceManager: Don't force powersave mode with powersave profile
f1d0fcf core: Update performance profile descriptions
66d7c39 PowerManager: Bring back the compatibility with AOSP
301993a PowerManager: don't pass NULL pointers to power HAL
5b7ffb1 services: Refactor the PerformanceManager

project hardware/libhardware/
769882d Revert "power: Add support for camera preview in powerHAL"

project packages/apps/EVToolbox/
6ee560b Toolbox: update performance profile settings

project vendor/ev/
3788609 ev: Add some app-specific performance settings