project build/
0cef0da Introduce a whitelist for core apps used by system server.
3d0046e Use Google Nexus Audio Files [1/2]

project frameworks/base/
54cde2e Remove unnecessary videos
854d44d Google Audio: update effect sounds and add pixel sounds
9aeb890 Update camera and video UI sounds from new Nexus devices
ebf5e21 FW/B: Add back volume up/down effect
b022ad1 Add Google's new alarm sounds from Android N
2d78cbf Use Google Nexus Audio Files [2/2]
1745024 Vectorify system bar drawables

project kernel/htc/msm8960/
52c1a32 Revert "tenderloin: enable adaptive ksm"
0edd2a6 msm: fb: change base pipe info from pointer to structure
e4c44f0 msm: gpu Fix sync object race condition
42066ef msm: kgsl: Skip perf counters and Sync lock for A2xx.
004af88 tenderloin: enable adaptive ksm
35d28ba mm: add adaptive kernel same page merging

project kernel/oneplus/msm8996/
223198d arm64: cleanup oneplus3 configs

project packages/apps/Jelly/
576d1b9 Jelly: Make download_message not specific to sdcard
8f1365c Jelly: Handle screenLayout changes
c9f336c Jelly: Pause WebView along with the activity
c23c013 Jelly: Don't claim to be a simple WebView
c218521 Jelly: Define base class for Activities containing WebViewExt
1607c0d Jelly: Make it easier to initiate gestures
978e74e Jelly: Don't leak fileoutputstream if bm is null

project packages/apps/Launcher3/
5122aea Launcher3: allow hiding QSB

project packages/services/Telephony/
fd80612 Pixel-fy dual sim card (see image)

project system/vold/
32cff85 cryptfs: fix wrong password set by user during bootup
68b92df cryptfs: fix issue that caused problems with forced HW encryption
8970c92 cryptfs: Fix double counting of decryption failure

project vendor/ev/
f6d826d Fix pixel theme colors
ff9a3bd Go away mint, nobody likes you
3f643d6 Pixel blue for globalActions silent mode selection indicator
ec704f6 Update one handed "info" drawable color to pixel blue
b80f67c Update one handed drawables to pixel blue to match system
0194596 Change accent color for AOSP keyboard
8319d0f Add modified Pixel launcher icon
c7c4d31 Use pixel navbar icons
b63ae2a Switch to pixel theme