project frameworks/base/
6660c12 StopMotionVectorDrawable: unbreak the ABI

project frameworks/native/
7249e12 gui: fix tests

project kernel/oneplus/msm8996/
5a07894 ion: adjust system heap pool orders
918b14a ip6_gre: fix ip6gre_err() invalid reads
46892eb TTY: n_hdlc, fix lockdep false positive
8deab2f op3: Set cfq as default I/O scheduler
c81b355 time: sched_clock: record cycle count in suspend and resume
610d244 Revert "trace: Add an option to show tgids in trace output"
2568e44 adreno_tz: Correct tz_buf pointer type to correct pointer arithmetic
92231f8 cpufreq: update hrtimer start with no-wakeup version.
356ceb1 arm64: debug: unmask PSTATE.D earlier
efbe336 arm64: mm: remove page_mapping check in __sync_icache_dcache
0ffddfa UPSTREAM: all arches, signal: move restart_block to struct task_struct
40645c0 BACKPORT: arm64: mm: fix location of _etext
9991090 crypto: arm64/aes-ctr - fix NULL dereference in tail processing
6389134 arch/arm64: skip randomization within stack
540a233 arm64: thread_info: fallback to vmalloc
f2b7ace arm64: strcmp: align to 64B cache line
006b160 net: inet: diag: expose the socket mark to privileged processes.
f437c64 net: diag: make udp_diag_destroy work for mapped addresses.
4a9a850 net: diag: support SOCK_DESTROY for UDP sockets
fc329d0 net: diag: allow socket bytecode filters to match socket marks
b87c449 net: diag: slightly refactor the inet_diag_bc_audit error checks.
2c03998 net: diag: Add support to filter on device index
abc6e42 net: ipv6: Fix ping to link-local addresses.
ef1d97d ipv6: fix endianness error in icmpv6_err
396a296 f2fs: switch to using fscrypt_match_name()
c5ab4eb fscrypt: introduce helper function for filename matching
ba8661c fscrypt: fix context consistency check when key(s) unavailable
ae8ffd3 fscrypt: Move key structure and constants to uapi
0cb2fd2 fscrypt: remove unnecessary checks for NULL operations
6b332b9 fscrypt: eliminate ->prepare_context() operation
a9244cc fscrypt: remove broken support for detecting keyring key revocation
43d2cb9 fscrypt: avoid collisions when presenting long encrypted filenames
9f0ac4a f2fs: check entire encrypted bigname when finding a dentry
ef9980d f2fs: sync f2fs_lookup() with ext4_lookup()
ce6e24e f2fs: fix a mount fail for wrong next_scan_nid
0bd2e75 f2fs: relocate inode_{,un}lock in F2FS_IOC_SETFLAGS
c7ffd6d f2fs: show available_nids in f2fs/status
57708b7 f2fs: flush dirty nats periodically
39b3840 f2fs: introduce CP_TRIMMED_FLAG to avoid unneeded discard
eee6a96 f2fs: allow cpc->reason to indicate more than one reason
46a8ca8 f2fs: release cp and dnode lock before IPU
1095698 f2fs: shrink size of struct discard_cmd
ade8dd5 f2fs: don't hold cmd_lock during waiting discard command
ef0d56e f2fs: nullify fio->encrypted_page for each writes
24b316e f2fs: sanity check segment count
4a8cf45 f2fs: introduce valid_ipu_blkaddr to clean up
a69dbfd f2fs: lookup extent cache first under IPU scenario
4c660c4 f2fs: reconstruct code to write a data page
9875a1b f2fs: introduce __wait_discard_cmd
a9711d6 f2fs: introduce __issue_discard_cmd
e6e3b6a f2fs: enable small discard by default
7ab07b5 f2fs: delay awaking discard thread
0c5081e f2fs: seperate read nat page from nat_tree_lock
dfccf3a f2fs: fix multiple f2fs_add_link() having same name for inline dentry
174241e f2fs: skip encrypted inode in ASYNC IPU policy
40cd2e9 f2fs: fix out-of free segments
c9d01c3 f2fs: improve definition of statistic macros
2e06ed5 f2fs: assign allocation hint for warm/cold data
48036ed f2fs: fix _IOW usage
29e4eed f2fs: add ioctl to flush data from faster device to cold area
67716cd f2fs: introduce async IPU policy
cf54a09 f2fs: add undiscard blocks stat
ce97d27 f2fs: unlock cp_rwsem early for IPU writes
3cb8d1a f2fs: introduce __check_rb_tree_consistence
95ae34b f2fs: trace __submit_discard_cmd
3c901dd f2fs: in prior to issue big discard
8444898 f2fs: clean up discard_cmd_control structure
38d4655 f2fs: use rb-tree to track pending discard commands
95e0d0d f2fs: avoid dirty node pages in check_only recovery
9d796e5 f2fs: fix not to set fsync/dentry mark
dcb7188 f2fs: allocate hot_data for atomic writes
c460977 f2fs: give time to flush dirty pages for checkpoint
785b192 f2fs: fix fs corruption due to zero inode page
4a74657 f2fs: shrink blk plug region
3728be9 f2fs: extract rb-tree operation infrastructure
4a511a3 f2fs: avoid frequent checkpoint during f2fs_gc
eacf10a f2fs: clean up some macros in terms of GET_SEGNO
5a9345c f2fs: clean up get_valid_blocks with consistent parameter
7548d30 f2fs: use segment number for get_valid_blocks
1e7c3aa f2fs: guard macro variables with braces
648c287 f2fs: fix comment on f2fs_flush_merged_bios() after 86531d6b
fc5aa04 f2fs: prevent waiter encountering incorrect discard states
ce4f972 f2fs: introduce f2fs_wait_discard_bios
2f2774d f2fs: split discard_cmd_list
1ab7acd Revert "f2fs: put allocate_segment after refresh_sit_entry"
223fb7d f2fs: split make_dentry_ptr() into block and inline versions
c7873f9 f2fs: submit bio of in-place-update pages
66e005d f2fs: remove the redundant variable definition
c873cf9 f2fs: avoid IO split due to mixed WB_SYNC_ALL and WB_SYNC_NONE
d3d480b f2fs: write small sized IO to hot log
b08f1e8 f2fs: use bitmap in discard_entry
4a6712f f2fs: clean up destroy_discard_cmd_control
8912c9e f2fs: count discard command entry
40605ac f2fs: show issued flush/discard count
540bbb1 f2fs: relax node version check for victim data in gc
e1ca40a f2fs: start SSR much eariler to avoid FG_GC
882323d f2fs: allocate node and hot data in the beginning of partition
8ba8540 f2fs: fix wrong max cost initialization
50bc8de f2fs: allow write page cache when writting cp
655a400 f2fs: don't reserve additional space in xattr block
e79c49f f2fs: clean up xattr operation
d912071 f2fs: don't track volatile file in dirty inode list
b60940e f2fs: show the max number of volatile operations
fa53a53 f2fs: fix race condition in between free nid allocator/initializer
ecf9ef3 f2fs: use set_page_private marcro in f2fs_trace_pid
85dc038 f2fs: fix recording invalid last_victim
b993b82 f2fs: more reasonable mem_size calculating of ino_entry
03544d5 f2fs: calculate the f2fs_stat_info into base_mem
9403193 f2fs: avoid stat_inc_atomic_write for non-atomic file
cfa4937 f2fs: sanity check of crc_offset from raw checkpoint
1139ced f2fs: cleanup the disk level filename updating
99d14c6 f2fs: cover update_free_nid_bitmap with nid_list_lock
980f1ae f2fs: fix bad prefetchw of NULL page
7ffc7d7 f2fs: clear FI_DATA_EXIST flag in truncate_inline_inode
7501b57 f2fs: move mnt_want_write_file after arguments checking
376554c f2fs: check new size by inode_newsize_ok in f2fs_insert_range
b85713f f2fs: avoid copy date to user-space if move file range fail
dfcdf0a f2fs: drop duplicate new_size assign in f2fs_zero_range
fb56043 f2fs: adjust the way of calculating nat block
b8dd635 f2fs: add fault injection on f2fs_truncate
7d00727 f2fs: check range before defragment
f097fad f2fs: use parameter max_items instead of PIDVEC_SIZE
59acb96 f2fs: add a punch discard command function
40dd3c7 f2fs: allocate a bio for discarding when actually issuing it
02ccaef f2fs: skip writeback meta pages if cp_mutex acquire failed
d8f9c77 f2fs: show more precise message on orphan recovery failure
fb0cf25 f2fs: remove dead macro PGOFS_OF_NEXT_DNODE
cd93c1a f2fs: drop duplicate radix tree lookup of nat_entry_set
1141564 f2fs: make sure trace all f2fs_issue_flush
02b385d f2fs: don't allow volatile writes for non-regular file
fb98d82 f2fs: don't allow atomic writes for not regular files
253d19f f2fs: fix stale ATOMIC_WRITTEN_PAGE private pointer
4ee9334 f2fs: build stat_info before orphan inode recovery
c3f4b2a f2fs: fix the fault of calculating blkstart twice
277a5ab f2fs: fix the fault of checking F2FS_LINK_MAX for rename inode
d94c16b f2fs: don't allow to get pino when filename is encrypted
968d314 f2fs: fix wrong error injection for evict_inode
2599845 f2fs: le32_to_cpu for ckpt->cp_pack_total_block_count
b2de468 f2fs: combine nat_bits and free_nid_bitmap cache
8834c93 f2fs: skip scanning free nid bitmap of full NAT blocks

project packages/apps/Email/
eecc2c5 Revert "EmailTests: fix api change"

project packages/apps/Messaging/
0e7b08a Messaging: fix tests after 5fc1b6e951ded2f6d63f664b33358b3de752d36a

project vendor/ev/
c8b033e overlay: Enable Wi-Fi by default on first boot
06f52e0 Add backup services to the whitelist