project packages/apps/EVToolbox/
995a8a8 Toolbox: fix strings
1fd1681 Toolbox: simplify fragments

project packages/apps/Settings/
e701c18 Port "Battery Usage Alerts" feature from factory images to aosp

project vendor/ev/
4f2208d Introduce the 'Turbo' apk
42e47d4 build: envsetup: Update CAF remote
f091490 envsetup: Fix cafremote/aospremote for projects with non-standard paths
74dde73 extract_utils: fix paths for evervolv
bc8f6cd build: Update smali and baksmali to 2.2.0
5174648 extract_utils: support extracting directly from an ota zip
d188407 extract_utils: Fix locale issue with sort
12c4763 extract-utils: Fix handling of pulling src:dest pairs from dumps
bf6c176 extract_utils: Detect output existence before moving it for backup
f02b6ef extract_utils: Introduce variable INITIAL_COPYRIGHT_YEAR
dc08da4 extract_utils: Update smali/backsmali to v2.2b4
26db8cf extract_utils: Update backsmali command
19082bc extract_utils: Use shasum on macOS
1f20879 extract_utils: Add option to define the certificate for jars
64c7c3d Update to smali/baksmali v2.2b3
add7bbf extract_utils: Do not change app SRC if there are arguments
b5f5064 extract_utils: Add ability to set custom device guard
aa2b2b6 extract_utils: Add ability to set custom vendor.mk name
4866ba5 extract_utils: Add flag to disable pinning
167f374 extract_utils: Fix device online check
4594b11 extract_utils.sh: Disable dex preopt on prebuilt apks
72bf570 extract-utils: Add pinning support
0e88837 cm: extract_utils: Add a firmware extraction method
a74628e cm: extract_utils: Fixup xml files
f59942a cm: extract_utils: Implement oat2dex
98c6122 Revert "extract_utils: Don't write multilib tags on 32-bit only devices"
346b4ac cm: extract_utils: Rewrite file existence checks
4c4fd82 extract_utils: Don't write multilib tags on 32-bit only devices
1ef8a32 extract_utils: Add support for files in rootfs
2963ed5 cm: Remove stray echo from extract_utils
a90ce12 cm: Underp dumping of 64-bit only libraries
e3cdea5 cm: Add generic tools for extract-files / setup-makefiles scripts
9e74095 Fix APNs for Cyprus
b61efc2 APN: Fix TalkTalk
4248c81 apns: Update Swiss APNs
5f5787b apn: Updating TelkomSA from 8ta South Africa APN
c43ca92 apns: Remove proxy for the "TIM WAP" APN
d92e502 vendor_cm : update Fastweb apn
a3fda49 apns: Add Perfectum
39d80df apn: Updating Movistar Argentina APN
61c8652 apns: Add SingTel hi!card sim APN
ea9504c apns: Update H2O Wireless for LTE
49837ff apns: Remove differentiation between FreedomPop GSM APNs
cc96b6c apns: Correct FreedomPop US LTE APN
6cf7559 apns: Add differentiation to FreedomPop Global GSM APN
5fcf658 apns: Add FreedomPop US LTE sim APN
408e38f apns: Correct FreedomPop Global GSM APN
d5e4b0b apns: Add Freedompop foggmobile APN
c5a2194 apns: Update H2O Wireless
9672e29 apns: Update hollandsnieuwe's (NL) APN
223ba1d Add Reliance Jio India IMS volte apn's
b317a38 Fix Reliance Jio India APNs.
1507fdb Clean up 3G config for Vietnamese network
8f038ae cm: Update APNs
77751bc apns: Remove loop and bpl mobile
30fbf23 apns: Add Reliance Jio apn's
9462d4f vendor_cm: Vodafone TR: Fix mobile data on first boot
75a5679 Fix Truphone APN
fcb119f Add a new APN to device/sample/etc/apns-full-conf.xml for new mcc/mnc assigned to Truphone
c24f3c9 apns: Fix T-Mobile MK DATA access
89162ac Tele2 (LT) APN updates
7284a22 Add missing truphone APNs
383e15a Movistar [ES] APN updates
ef3a3b4 APN: Add Inland Cellular APNs
1c748f1 cm: minor IMS APN update
ea6ac48 cleanup vodafone germany apns
e2ad9d0 Remove APN pinternet.interkom.de from MCC 262/MNC 02
16f838b update COOPVOCE apn
2e84adc apns: Fix up AT&T APNs
ebceef0 APN: Add Straight Talk Verizon APN
bb9d3ad APN: Fix Saunalahti APN regression introduced by CYNGNOS-436
cbcd53d APN: update Batelco and Zain APNs for Bahrain
06e91fb MetroPCS APN update
7ca267f Irancell & MTS APN updates
242a4a4 Update APN name for Movistar INTERNET
caeb1ea APN: fixup single-digit mnc APNs
f9a9d21 SMART [PH] APN updates
af97fba Fix typo
9a0f3c4 apns: fix build
2a8ea54 apns: Add ATT Nextgenphone
664fe98 Resolve Orange RO authtype
ac4cecf Modify APN for Orange Romania
3c48b16 add yufone APN
78368fe apns: Net10 310410: Fix port
3f0bde1 Cleanup APN list for Norway
8083871 apns: Cricket AIO 310150: Remove duplicate
84b0ac2 apns: T-Mobile 310260: Compatibility update
801c9d5 APN: Remove wrong T-Mobile CZ and Vodafone CZ APNs
84f3c8e fix cricket APN
db85632 Update IMS APN based on Smartfren Device Technical document-v1 2
3f518c9 APN: Add Smartfren IMS for Volte support RENDANG-525
d0797f7 APN: Fixup Vodafone IT and remove Noverca
7827119 APN: Update TIM MVNOs
7c19cfd Fix Digi Mobile defaults
2a43520 apns: update for IMS
72fee4a vendor/cm: Update Japanese APNs
1af5e17 Correct Tele2 Sweden APNs and remove Comviq Sweden.
a6b6aa8 APN: Remove identical MVNO entries
b2a1b01 Ventelo is now Phonero

project vendor/hp/
9ad841f tenderloin: Add common Widevine blobs