project device/oneplus/oneplus3/
d6849c6 op3: bring back DozeSettings

project frameworks/base/
76aeed0 SystemUI: fix formatting for home button
2c11cb2 Pixel navbar: Fix Home button FC
fb77f33 [1/2] Reload Pixel Home Animation without reboot
10078d1 Pixel Navbar animation toggle [1/2]
7df9be4 Pixel navbar: allow disabling based on config
713a175 Cleanup pixel navbar code
4b68699 fwb: Pixel Navbar: Hide opa when not pressed, also remove halo
af5853d Pixel Navbar, reverse engineered from smali.
0800bd2 Runtime toggle of navbar

project kernel/oneplus/msm8996/
58e03e4 oneplus3: merge options from franco kernel
b7b0f41 oneplus3_defconfig: update mmap_rnd_bits to max value

project packages/apps/EVToolbox/
683d603 Toolbox: add navigation bar settings

project packages/apps/Settings/
59ae84b DisplaySettings: add doze package when available