project device/hp/tenderloin-common/
443bdf7 tenderloin: update toolbox overlay

project packages/apps/EVToolbox/
69e33b4 Toolbox: make sure to get the correct scheduler file
341f396 Toolbox: use the newly added preferences
6cb4083 Toolbox: update HostnamePreference to support libs
a0840a6 Toolbox: Add CustomSeekBarPreference
ef6fb27 ColorPickerPreference: Adapt for Preference being part of support library
01bae5f Toolbox: add a SystemSettingDropDownPreference.
cc3f5bb Toolbox: Helper for working with Settings URIs
2fc8c3c Toolbox: Add support for more preference constraints
e6cd8ba Toolbox: Add owner constraint for preferences
c6d3f9b Toolbox: Add constraints and behaviors for our preferences
2b7b146 Toolbox: Add ListPreference helpers backed by Settings
3ad8dc2 Toolbox: Add Settings preference helpers

project packages/apps/EVUpdater/
c5d787b EVUpdater: add swipe to refresh
bae0f0a EVUpdater: fix a few layout discrepencies