project android/
647f4b0 manifest: remove ubuntu bzr repos
20ddd7c manifest: remove device vendors
82383d0 manifest: remove tags for asop hardware repos
d0865c2 manifest: add chromium
659aac7 add glacier to the manifest

project bionic/
509005c Bionic/libm: Fix the mismatch ENTRY/END in e_pow.S

project build/
7339df0 roomservice: default branch -> jellybean-ubuntuphone
7d2a855 fetch bzr repos during lunch
0381a94 main: update for ev
4feaf38 CWR does not support writing a partition from memory. Use /tmp to store the extracted file, then write it.
b62dd98 roomservice: look in main manifest for dependencies
9938da7 build: Change filename format.
eee7289 roomservice: fetch vendor repos automatically
ea498e8 roomservice: Fix order of operations.
e68a863 roomservice: Modify to use multiple manifest types.
26ce414 Adding external/chromium to the build (to provide libchromium_net)
1406acf core: build the bluetooth parts

project device/htc/bravo/
6106282 bravo: insmod bcmdhd module
c51d499 bravo: ueventd: set perms for ion dev
df26fee bravo: fix typo.
97f569c bravo: dependency changes, include dep_type

project device/htc/glacier/

project device/htc/msm7x30-common/
f5b6e12 msm7x30: update architecture defines
1349e77 msm7x30: Switch to legacy gps hal.
6e900dc msm7x30: Re-add flag for webkit workaround.
6deddc4 msm7x30: clean up tree
45389d3 bcmdhd: fix defines
1f11ee1 use BINDER_COMPAT only when the device uses GB camera

project device/htc/passion/
42be691 passion: insmod bcmdhd module
878c5d5 passion: ueventd: set perms for ion dev
cb6192a passion: update dependencies

project device/htc/qsd8k-common/
6904244 qsd8k: wifi: support for bcmdhd as a module.
af0e7ff qsd8k: update for mako egl libs and headers for ion
feac744 Stop using LOCAL_PATH

project device/htc/shooter/
e928a17 Shooter: Ubuntu bring up

project device/htc/shooteru/
67528dd shooteru: Ubuntu bring up

project device/htc/supersonic/
782bf69 supersonic: insmod bcmdhd module
12bc877 supersonic: ueventd: set perms for ion dev
328b1d9 supersonic: round 1 of dependencies changes.

project external/chromium/

project frameworks/av/
b4e0cbc libstagefright: adding chromium_http back by default

project frameworks/base/
debd952 TRIM: Removing samples from repo
6130df7 TRIM: Removing sax from repo
38a4bef TRIM: Removing framework java packages
79cbd94 TRIM: Removing sound assets from repo
7d3d240 TRIM: Removing video assets from repo
6e2e4e0 TRIM: removing docs from repo

project hardware/qcom/display-legacy/
29067a9 display-legacy: gralloc: use bionic ion header for qsd8k

project hardware/samsung_slsi/exynos5/
e1b99ca exynos_omx: multi_thread: Add OMX_IndexParamVideoIntraRefresh support.
a7fc593 exynos_omx: multi_thread: Add OMX_IndexConfigVideoIntraVOPRefresh support.
0996d9d omx: basecomponent: signal abendStateEvent if componentInit fails
18893a3 hwc: Hide layer1 if the FB_TAGET layer is not needed

project kernel/grouper/
004184a cpufreq: interactive: fix race on governor start/stop
5f9bb30 cpufreq: interactive: fix deadlock on spinlock in timer
bd00f7a cpufreq: interactive: don't handle transition notification if not enabled
d6ab0b4 cpufreq: interactive: init default values at compile time
10e9fb1 cpufreq: interactive: default go_hispeed_load 99%, doc updates
5efd117 cpufreq: interactive: fix race on timer restart on governor start
4b9347f cpufreq: interactive: fix racy timer stopping
13cbad7 cpufreq: interactive: fix boosting logic
6195007 cpufreq: interactive: add timer slack to limit idle at speed > min
37ab549 cpufreq: interactive: specify duration of CPU speed boost pulse
061504b cpufreq: interactive: kill remaining usage of cputime64_sub
5dab4c0 cpufreq: interactive: adjust load for changes in speed
c9abc6a [CPUFREQ] update lpj only if frequency has changed
438e080 cpufreq: interactive: remove load since last speed change
13e800d cpufreq: interactive: allow arbitrary speed / target load mappings
4c54f68 cpufreq: interactive: apply above_hispeed_delay to each step above hispeed
80211d2 cpufreq: interactive: change speed according to current speed and target load
7c42502 cpufreq: interactive: trace actual speed in target speed decisions
c7fcdb6 cpufreq: interactive: kick timer on idle exit past expiry
a09bb71 cpufreq: interactive: use deferrable timer by default
9722ceb cpufreq: interactive: pin timers to associated CPU
69d0bea Revert "cpufreq: interactive: add back duration to boostpulse"
20cee84 Revert "cpufreq interactive governor: Init idle times on governor start"
76bac28 Revert "cpufreq: Add a knob to treat IO wait as busy"
cde0bf8 Revert "cpufreq: interactive: Fix "Init idle times on governor start""
a8063d9 Revert "cpufreq: interactive: use google style store logic for io_is_busy"
05b777c Proximity: Enable sensor by it's previous RIL setting when device resume from suspend.
8722d5e video: tegra: host: better error handling in alloc_gathers()
110f581 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Enable P2P probe request handling only during discovery

project kernel/htc/msm7x30/
6dbff36 lexikon: adjust default max cpufreq

project kernel/htc/msm8660/
214843b Update HTC baterry driver
1fe9ebf Update to qdsp6 version 3
cc41000 update more files to use qdsp6_v3
b295461 shooteru: make the phone sleep correctly with BT on
63e754c shooter: enable time in states in defconfig
8b1e46f shooteru: enable time in states in defconfig
d93f0c0 Shooteru:fix bluetooth...finaly
0a532b7 shooteru: make defconfig more similar to shooter
ab28627 Linux 3.0.67
a8e8c01 shooter/shooteru: enable ROW scheduler
ad9ad35 block: fixes required to make the kernel compile with ROW.
1fc12ea block: row: squash commits from codeaurora.
6c04a1c block: Add API for urgent request handling
1651004 block: Add support for reinsert a dispatched req
b418655 Add ROW I/O Scheduler by Qualcomm.
19e8e55 Linux 3.0.66
0d86a8a Linux 3.0.65
307cd84 Linux 3.0.64
d21782c Linux 3.0.63
9441bc1 defconfigs: add defconfigs for Ubuntu phone

project kernel/htc/msm8960/
143457b Linux 3.0.70
30d1772 Linux 3.0.69
dbab218 Linux 3.0.68
06b27ad msm_fb: display: calculate mdp clock including borderfill pipe
6bed113 msm_fb: display: Configure solidfill color to black
7512e09 msm_fb: dtv: Serve device off in a separate thread
9af33d4 netfilter: xt_qtaguid: Allow tracking loopback
7a094d1 netfilter: qtaguid: Don't BUG_ON if create_if_tag_stat fails
df033f3 netfilter: xt_qtaguid: fix error exit that would keep a spinlock.
c38bf9d msm_fb: Update backlight level on resume after first pan display
105f6c9 video: msm: use linear brightness ramp
1ffbd3a msm: vidc: Add support for NV21 color format encoding
f37989a msm: display: reset vsync state when display is turned on
2cbeb5e msm_fb: writeback panel commit should not happen when buffer is NULL
104e57d msm_fb: display: add wfd suspend/resume to early suspend
7d41a17 msm_fb: display: release mdp clk in mdp4_overlay_writeback_on()
f98494e Revert "ville: increase refx100 to reduce screen tearing"
928d61a jewel: display: remove pinfo.clk_rate.
319a33e jewel: update defconfig
f9c9161 Linux 3.0.67
0914559 msm8960: squshed CM commits (4/4) cpufreq: interactive: Add error checking on sysfs interfaces
2ab9e95 msm8960: squashed CM commit (3/4) video: msm: Handle MDP_REV_43 MDP identity
19e2246 msm8960: squashed CM commits (2/4) video: msm: Do not use disable_irq in the spin_lock_irqsave context
151f3a4 msm8960: squashed commits from CM (1/4) jewel: add missing display_on DSI command

project kernel/htc/qsd8k/
a0ccda8 Expose virtual PID from child namespace in /proc/PID/status.
0eb2f60 configs: ubuntu: build bcmdhd as module
662b48e configs: all: enable sw_sync
cc60472 configs: ubuntu: enable ion
49252dd qsd8k: bcmdhd: compile as module.
8dd72b1 msm: video: support get/put to ion buffer
3cbba75 msm_mdp: checkout jb_mr1_chocolate
59b38f0 configs: update localversions
0689495 configs: enable ion
92c2e39 msm: boards: add ion sf heap
2993205 ARM: 6671/1: LPAE: use phys_addr_t instead of unsigned long in outercache functions
9801fde mahimahi: use ion for sf heap
45f9ed6 extra files for ion compile
29bce07 timers: Add rb_init_node() to allow for stack allocated rb nodes
ae5ad0f ion: checkout jb_mr1_chocolate
5e17de6 configs: enable sync
ce6a1ed Adding support for trace events for sync point driver
3a20cde module.h: split out the EXPORT_SYMBOL into export.h
4b3cafc sync: driver commits
aaa3483 sync: add poll support
691030d sw_sync: add fill_driver_data support
0bc26f0 sync: add ioctl to get fence data
d82c5cb sw_sync: add debug support
7a962bf sync: add debugfs support
9e61e37 sync: add timestamps to sync_pts
2a4de0f sw_sync: add cpu based sync driver
ecd1d31 sync: Add synchronization framework
08a1386 kgsl: support grp/imem clk for qsd8k
d3764dd kgsl: checkout jb_mr1_chocolate

project kernel/lge/mako/
aba7aeb config: mako: regen
1eb42df Changes to make it compile with Google's GCC 4.7 toolchain.
2bfcc7a disable gcc-wrapper
d5fff84 Revert "kernel: gtod: vsyscall"
b90a404 Revert "kernel: ARM-specific implementation of user-accessible timers"
89fdde2 Revert "kernel: Add hooks for user-accessible timers in the kernel."
8ac3302 Revert "kernel: gtod: Add MSM-specific user-accessible timers"
d63e4ed Revert "arm: Move to upstream udelay via timer implementation"
d772eb2 mako: wifi: Channel blocking when mobile network is no service state.
e82fe1e defconfig: set unique local version
9fd08a1 block: add REQ_URGENT to request flags
f6cc9e9 block: row: Don't notify URGENT if there are un-completed urgent req
da6b218 block: row: Idling mechanism re-factoring
60b24ee block: row: Dispatch requests according to their io-priority
8032c04 defconfig: make ROW default scheduler
4e9e26c defconfig: in tree build requires module support
350f264 Initial Evervolv defconfig
b22977d android/lowmemorykiller: Wait for memory to be freed
f6499b5 msm: vidc: Fix various NULL pointer accesses, memory leaks.
4af8101 gpu: ion: Use writecombine for uncached mappings
1eb7c81 gpu: ion: Request highmem pages for IOMMU heap
8edbd2b msm: acpuclock-8064: Update L2 voltage table
ad23c99 msm: acpuclock-krait: Keep the secondary MUX input fixed
3494a02 msm: acpuclock-8064: Lower VDD_DIG voltage vote for L2 at 384MHz
97d2724a stop building the scsi_wait_scan module
512f032 block: Expose kblock_schedule_delayed_work()
da1857f msm: acpuclock-krait: NULL terminate L2 table for find_cur_l2_level()
028c87f USB: android: Fix adb device file closing bug
ab556e7 USB: android: Don't disable configuration for every adb close
121691c android/lowmemorykiller: Check all tasks for death pending
2671aa8 block: row: Aggregate row_queue parameters to one structure
868e8dd block: row: fix sysfs functions - idle_time conversion
ebef060 block: row: Insert dispatch_quantum into struct row_queue
5007d64 block: row: Add some debug information on ROW queues
ac9289e arm: Move to upstream udelay via timer implementation
8a8e012 kernel: gtod: Add MSM-specific user-accessible timers
3c92492 kernel: Add hooks for user-accessible timers in the kernel.
197e422 kernel: ARM-specific implementation of user-accessible timers
2120ba5 kernel: gtod: vsyscall
ea2d5d7 jtag: make debug arch defines local to jtag.c
9328e3b Revert "[ARM] hw_breakpoint.c: fix unused variable warning"
55604e7 ARM: hw_breakpoint: enable HAVE_HW_BREAKPOINT feature flag
f29e204 block: Add API for urgent request handling
732d727 row: Add support for urgent request handling
3ad138f block: Add support for reinsert a dispatched req
f88b2e2 row: Adding support for reinsert already dispatched req
71f536e block:row: fix idling mechanism in ROW
eae2c39 Documentation: block: ROW I/O scheduler
2e688c4 block: ROW: Fix forced dispatch
b92f86b block: ROW: Correct minimum values of ROW tunable parameters
34c6beb block: Adding ROW scheduling algorithm
b68906d vfp: build for neon
7ce11cd msm: display: Fix blend configuration for video layer with MDP composition
b11b6d1 msm_fb: display: update var in display commit
af21e9d msm: kgsl: Idle GPU core before programming SMMU from CPU
5570a7d msm: kgsl: Synchronize access to IOMMU cfg port
5995a66 msm: Kconfig: Enable IOMMU CPU-GPU synchronization
bd333dc msm: iommu: Synchronize access to IOMMU cfg port
0aa6e3c msm: display: Clear performance request data in turning on
687c6ea msm: smsm: Add processor AWAKE signaling
7ceb990 msm: smsm: Rename LTE Coexistence Bit
e9c9b85 msm: kgsl: initialize kgsl_sync_timeline_ops properly
40bd1cb iommu/msm: fix the include guard in iommu.h
feb918e msm: display: non-blocking for overlay update
d2cfee2 diag: Improve handling of IOCTLs
1414d4a diag: Add fixes for DCI
6f3d72b diag: Add logs & events streaming support for DCI
70a2b4d power: charger: need sometime to handle the usb disconnecting events
a09c0cd mako: charger: disable hsic host and mdm driver in charger mode
78f7ab5 msm: kgsl: Remove extra interrupts when setting MMU state
9ef8337 msm: kgsl: Make the GPU device aware of the next pending event
3a53ada msm: kgsl: Support user specified timeouts in adreno_waittimestamp
a63bb6a msm: kgsl: Move the adreno WPTR poke logic to the hang detection
cc0797a msm: kgsl: Invalidate base pointers when tlb is flushed
d4b5dbc msm: kgsl: Remove ts_notifier_list
8124a03 msm: kgsl: Add GFP_NORETRY to the page_alloc flags and handle errors
af39e48 msm: kgsl: Turn off the CP_DEBUG dynamic clock
46bce71 msm: kgsl: Remove support for IOCTL_KGSL_SHAREDMEM_FROM_VMALLOC
c4249c3 msm: kgsl: Fix adreno idle detection during hang
18b3ee4 msm: kgsl: Do not check for hang when graphics core is idle
760810e msm: kgsl: In kgsl release do not idle if device is in HUNG state
02e21a5 msm: kgsl: Fix the address translation ranges for GPU IOMMU
a28dc5d msm: kgsl: Return error if the user allocates a buffer size of zero
0fbd980 USB: Prevent system suspend when HSIC device is active
c5c56c1 Revert "USB: ensure parent device is resumed for child's system-resume"
73ceff5 prima: release v3.2.1.13
9dda300 mm: Hold a file reference in madvise_remove
d24668c msm_fb: display: mdp4 version assigned at board file
1b84d3b msm_fb: display: add per stage alpha drop detection
f4f9d28 msm_fb: display: remove background invert alpha option for alpha drop pipe
2a85e85 msm_fb: display: Consolidate commit ioctls
8dc64da msm_fb: display: add fput_light to frame buffer
059e9e5 mako: add lcd turn-off sequence on shutdown
0ae6149 USB: Allow skipping device resume during system resume
8cba36f PM: Allow runtime suspend again if prepare is failed
809d10c msm_fb: display: do not use ION_IOMMU_UNMAP_DELAYED
da0a5ad msm: display: start timing engine after panel init
d2d721e mako: disable support for loadable modules
3f4ad61 msm: display: check get_unused_fd_flags return val
7c746dc camera: lm3559: more cleanup
53be937 lm3559: mark internal functions as static
4b694df camera: lm3559: change the message level
0c458df msm: display: Increase timeout value for fence waiting
c225e82 slub: fix a memory leak in get_partial_node()
493ecaf slub: fix a possible memory leak
67e7f18 mmc: msm_sdcc: Reset SPS BAM on error recovery
30a586f mmc: msm_sdcc: set DDR timing mode before setting the clock rate
fbe2e89 mmc: msm_sdcc: data timeout errors are expected during HS200 tuning
04fd006 mmc: msm_sdcc: Print data line status in case of errors
6b943f8 mmc: msm_sdcc: add support for AUTO_CMD21
c65d1c2 mmc: msm_sdcc: correct the hardware version number
fd28e47 mmc: msm_sdcc: add support for AUTO_CMD19 control
424d1ca mmc: msm_sdcc: set IO_PAD_PWR_SWITCH bit based on IO voltage level
0009eee vfs: dcache: fix deadlock in tree traversal
d576cef mako: Adjust .drv value to 10mA
ca4d242 msm_fb: display: Enable scaling bit while setting x-flip bit
f96ce86 prima: release v3.2.1.11h
62720dc timers: Fix endless looping between cascade() and internal_add_timer()
88508f3 nohz: Fix idle ticks in cpu summary line of /proc/stat
82bf5d3 workqueue: skip nr_running sanity check in worker_enter_idle() if trustee is active
4b641d8 mmc: msm_sdcc: fix race conditions in runtime PM
879d2f7 v4l2: fix the memory leak
fa22709 msm: camera: nullify pointers after kfree and fix the memory leaks

project system/core/
c9a9a7c init.rc: /dev/fd needs to be linked to /proc/self/fd for Ubuntu
234b246 Do not try starting inexistent services in init.rc.
16a3c4d init.rc: pass init as a parameter to ubuntu_chroot

project ubuntu/assets/
507e2cf Adding stamp copy to this repo and changing stamp filename
743e470 Adding makefile to copy audio for camera effect

project ubuntu/uchroot/
e2c6349 ubuntu_chroot: introduce init for starting uchroot
c1fc885 Add logic to uchroot to poweroff the phone automatically if the container dies.

project vendor/ev/
5c895c1 common: dont source AllAudio
5565673 add glacier to vendorsetup.sh

project vendor/htc/
e8c96d8 qsd8k: use mako egl libs
6b511d0 lexikon: use source libreference-ril
75d959d Remove unnecessary libGLES_android.so blobs
8449766 jewel: update c2d2 drivers
aa9b706 vivow: add libril_ims blob
8156f11 vivow: Revert audio props.
0b371b0 vivow: organize props.
f0b6cc3 vivow: Update props from vivo ics release.
012b405 vendor/htc: Remove unsupported device props.
02a5647 Glacier: update blobs
8cab8c0 Glacier: Update props
b3a0d97 Import glacier blobs
0c52356 Glacier: update blobs
1a18c81 Glacier: Update props
cd3a1b0 vivow: Update props for 3.0 kernel.
d7f1821 jewel: update props
e53fb28 Import glacier blobs