project device/hp/tenderloin-common/
c50a4f5 add back and fixup deletion of old boot file
f0c7244 boost to min CPU to 432000
82fb9c2 Add / to dev compat mat
f0a5d65 tenderloin: Use build variables to build device manifest.
fa03d12 Add device compatibility matrix
53fdac1 binder: use 64bit
d946633 Go Android Go
138203b touchscreen: cleanup code
f3adb64 audio: intial cleanup
0bb48c1 tenderloin: define available hardware buttons

project device/moto/potter/
36d06c3 sepolicy not added to evervolv yet
49aaf2e potter: Nuke data-ipa-cfg-mgr
96b9c6d potter: rootdir: Remove some interactive and lowmemorykiller nodes
ed940fc potter: sepolicy: Fix more denials
e96b5ad potter: sepolicy: Fix DTV denials
9b44417 potter: sepolicy: Give proper label to custom fp hal
ffa39bd potter: use /system/vendor/bin/sh for init scripts
256aa01 Revert "potter: disable sdcardfs"
6193c8b Revert "potter: enable WITH_DEXPREOPT"
8e027b8 potter: cleanup libmot_gpu_mapper shim
461b43d potter: remove persist_block_device from dev_type
41ec84b potter: drop libqsap_sdk
61c342d potter: update sepoly again
e1a5745 Revert "potter: Comment out sepolicy for now"
0c09b8c stml0xx_hal: remove android_alarm include
4b481ec sensors: move mot_sensorhub_stml0xx.h to stml0xx_hal
42bed73 stml0xx_hal: enable Glance Gesture
c0b413d SensorHub: fix some includes
f89e142 potter: address some new denials
132e56b potter: mot_sensorhub_motosh.h -> mot_sensorhub_stml0xx.h
35810b2 potter: let the framework starts sensorservice again
df6a86f potter: import oss sensors HALs
5a0ba30 potter: build oss sensors HALs
153cf5f mot_sensorhub_motosh: Add missing sensor type strings
e9cb021 mot_sensorhub_motosh: Device orientation sensor now uses AOSP value
fa5589d mot_sensorhub_motosh: stm401 -> stml0xx
6e3a408 mot_sensorhub_motosh: Update SENSOR_TYPE definitions for new OSS HAL
032bf26 SensorHub: Update header definitions
bd44b51 potter: Include mot_sensorhub_motosh from shamu's unreleased HAL
8a3bf46 potter: Directly copy wlan files
7112169 potter: WCNSS update
297d820 Revert "potter: build a 32bit version of sensorservice"
4ebf4c3 potter: sepolicy update
55c2876 potter: sepolicy update
4c66dfd potter: use /system/vendor/bin/sh for init scripts
bbcdbf5 potter: remove fingerprintd service
938474a potter: [1/2] Move DTV blobs to vendor
06108cb potter: rootdir: Move swapon_all to right place
71f0fc2 potter: update post-install script
10a9627 potter: add telephony-ext to boot JARs
cf01fa4 potter: libshims: Remove unused files
da765b4 potter: Set IMS to use CodeAurora extension
101cd74 potter: move init.*.rc to vendor
ede3726 potter: shims cleanup
31c3cb6 potter: update for IMS
6e8c799 potter: add vendor.qti.hardware.alarm HIDL
3f5e90d potter: build configstore service

project frameworks/base/
96d7a4a PhoneWindowManager: add configurable wake keys
d48e5c0 Dispatch keys to a device specific key handler
68437dd Buttons: Allow setting default long-press app switch behavior
c8c8fec Hardware key custom rebinding (1/2)

project kernel/htc/msm8960/
f97e2f1 BACKPORT: ARM: 8091/2: add get_user() support for 8 byte types
e04d829 Revert "ran into an out of memory. Lets add a little more"
74aa9ff ANDROID: binder: fix compilation warnings.
e79cc83 defconfig: tenderloin use 64-bit binder API
7c3fa7a UPSTREAM: drivers: android: correct the size of struct binder_uintptr_t for BC_DEAD_BINDER_DONE
987583d staging: binder: Improve Kconfig entry for ANDROID_BINDER_IPC_32BIT

project kernel/moto/msm8953/
aea543d Fix uninitialized variables for arm64 build
f9794d4 arm64: mm: move dma_overlap() out of init section
8860c4a ANDROID: sdcardfs: Move default_normal to superblock
3efe042 ANDROID: Kconfig: add depends for UID_SYS_STATS
94ea886 ANDROID: Skip building uid_sys_stats and keyreset drivers as modules
14ace78 ANDROID: uid_sys_stats: fix the comment
8ad8bff ANDROID: sdcardfs: Fix missing break on default_normal
697d204 potter: Remove unused archs
6fbc5a6 defconfig: msm: Disable the board file initialization of other target
6278dd1 ANDROID: sdcardfs: Add default_normal option
47dcf2f ANDROID: sdcardfs: notify lower file of opens
196b9bb Revert "diag: Add proper synchronization checks to msg mask table"
c0f85aa soc: qcom: Initialize message pointer with NULL
ec21285 msm: camera: validate num_streams in stream_cfg_cmd before using it
aa89d2a msm: camera: fix untrusted pointer for power down setting
a25a565 diag: Add proper synchronization checks to msg mask table
141703a ASoC: msm: audio-effects: return directly to avoid integer overflow
461ecbe ALSA: pcm: prevent UAF in snd_pcm_info
db82bc5 msm: mdss: hdmi: check up-bound of CEC frame size
8b968d3 msm: mdss: fix the use after free problem in rotator ioctl
c70fed6 msm: mdss: hdmi: validate HDMI EDID's max number of CEA blocks
e4335f8 msm: kgsl: Protect the event->handle with spinlock
f1d215d msm: camera2: cpp: Fix iommu_attach/detach compat_ioctl issue
23c7d90 diag: Synchronize command registration table access
afa8960 diag: dci: Add protection while querying event status
b1843f6 msm: mdss: Increase fbmem buf ref count before use
7af93b7 compat_qcedev: Fix accessing userspace memory in kernel space
e2312d2 Check areq before referencing, replace xchg to automic_xchg and verify return values of set key during SHA operations.
bae93ef ASoC: msm: qdsp6v2: add size check to fix out of bounds issue
f875c6be msm: mdss: Buffer overflow while processing gamut table data
bbddf2c msm: camera: sensor:validating the flash initialization parameters
8045d73 msm: pcie: add bounds check for debugfs register write
e4056b4 Update defconfig
b7b390a Linux 3.18.92
f3f44f1 e1000e: Fix e1000_check_for_copper_link_ich8lan return value.
7ce5b92 uas: ignore UAS for Norelsys NS1068(X) chips
9505930 Bluetooth: Prevent stack info leak from the EFS element.
cefad15 usbip: remove kernel addresses from usb device and urb debug msgs
f447da0 USB: fix usbmon BUG trigger
a95a23e usb: misc: usb3503: make sure reset is low for at least 100us
91eb464 USB: serial: cp210x: add new device ID ELV ALC 8xxx
e3de61d USB: serial: cp210x: add IDs for LifeScan OneTouch Verio IQ
599ccfb Revert "can: kvaser_usb: free buf in error paths"
efb10b1 target: Avoid early CMD_T_PRE_EXECUTE failures during ABORT_TASK
49bb559 iscsi-target: Make TASK_REASSIGN use proper se_cmd->cmd_kref
76c0924 x86/microcode/intel: Extend BDW late-loading with a revision check
eb97d77 crypto: algapi - fix NULL dereference in crypto_remove_spawns()
9bf4812 net: stmmac: enable EEE in MII, GMII or RGMII only
05858f2 sh_eth: fix SH7757 GEther initialization
bbb88fb sh_eth: fix TSU resource handling
b7107b2 RDS: null pointer dereference in rds_atomic_free_op
1487ff0 RDS: Heap OOB write in rds_message_alloc_sgs()
c34b739 8021q: fix a memory leak for VLAN 0 device
147b6e8 x86/acpi: Reduce code duplication in mp_override_legacy_irq()
f527dfe ALSA: aloop: Fix racy hw constraints adjustment
23f3d79 ALSA: aloop: Fix inconsistent format due to incomplete rule
6d1899b ALSA: aloop: Release cable upon open error path
a0cb753 ALSA: pcm: Allow aborting mutex lock at OSS read/write loops
852979a ALSA: pcm: Abort properly at pending signal in OSS read/write loops
79f61a4 ALSA: pcm: Add missing error checks in OSS emulation plugin builder
5efa91d ALSA: pcm: Remove incorrect snd_BUG_ON() usages
dd3b546 x86/acpi: Handle SCI interrupts above legacy space gracefully
023523d kvm: vmx: Scrub hardware GPRs at VM-exit
837cfea MIPS: Also verify sizeof `elf_fpreg_t' with PTRACE_SETREGSET
c3c8675 MIPS: Disallow outsized PTRACE_SETREGSET NT_PRFPREG regset accesses
209263e MIPS: Fix an FCSR access API regression with NT_PRFPREG and MSA
a10e82a MIPS: Consistently handle buffer counter with PTRACE_SETREGSET
cb209c5 MIPS: Guard against any partial write attempt with PTRACE_SETREGSET
917b20d MIPS: Factor out NT_PRFPREG regset access helpers
3199199 IB/srpt: Disable RDMA access by the initiator
c30a220 can: gs_usb: fix return value of the "set_bittiming" callback
f826b02 Input: elantech - add new icbody type 15
26ddeab kernel/signal.c: remove the no longer needed SIGNAL_UNKILLABLE check in complete_signal()
38a95d0 kernel/signal.c: protect the SIGNAL_UNKILLABLE tasks from !sig_kernel_only() signals
a63637a kernel/signal.c: protect the traced SIGNAL_UNKILLABLE tasks from SIGKILL
e1e1343 fscache: Fix the default for fscache_maybe_release_page()
d3dec1a crypto: n2 - cure use after free
32afd95 kernel/acct.c: fix the acct->needcheck check in check_free_space()
cfdf21a potter: dts: msm: Mount the system partition during early init

project packages/apps/Settings/
9899c73 Settings : Hardware key rebinding (2/2)

project vendor/moto/
27533bb Clean up of Vendor
e75709e potter: build oss sensors HALs
e353126 potter: ship libfeedbackhandler
addb758 potter: [2/2] Move DTV blobs to vendor
64bd967 potter: switch to O IMS stack