project frameworks/base/
2739d15 Set external QS tiles tint mode to SRC_ATOP
860cd87 graphics: ADB "N" icon compatible with OMS7
3ede4ba doze: allow grayscale even if invert boolean is false
63273c5 OMS: StrictMode and files under /data/system/theme/
5543ac5 Themes: Expose manifest styles for themes
4fb0996 Themes: Expose Keyguard affordance circle background
2f7e4bb Expose external qs tile tint color

project packages/apps/ContactsCommon/
5987b71 Themes: Define back arrow tint color for themes

project packages/apps/Settings/
a0b1d9b Set external settings icon tint mode to SRC_ATOP
f65d4c5 Settings: Expose bluetooth pin confirm dialog text colors
084fd62 Expose switchbar background color
c7e93a5 Expose dashboard category padding bottom