project android/
ad25762 manifest: track our own Mms repo

project device/hp/tenderloin/
16ab085 tenderloin: User newer 3.4 kernel

project device/hp/tenderloin-common/
224d7d0 camera: Updated to use proper header file in newer 3.4 kernel

project frameworks/base/
ac32b69 Wifi: Use bss->age identifier for wifi scan results
0762155 base: Clean up a few more mismerges
629064c frameworks/base: forward port DC-HSPAP support from cm-10
4c06211 base: Clean up mismerge
2aa1032 Telephony: Add functionality to handle ICC IO error
2297e9a SignalStrength: Hotfix TD-SCDMA take 2
d2c39c4 SignalStrength: Hotfix TD-SCDMA
ccc0958 Telephony: Ignore the timingAdvance field in SignalStrength
1077766 Signal strength: add more checks to signal strength,
3c62327 telephony: SignalStrengh: Don't calculate a LTE snr if the srq is invalid
7fe68c6 Framework: Fix GSM signal strength
c04f017 Telephony: Add ME Depersonalization support.
fc923bb Telephony: Add TD-SCDMA network modes
09db293 Telephony: Add support for NETWORK_TYPE_GSM
951ff06 Add FW support for CellInfo RIL commands.

project frameworks/opt/telephony/
976effa Add TD-SCDMA support
acd9148 Fix the issue when divides PLMN and RAT
27bdd32 Telephony: Add CDMA call forwarding function.
8c87f14 IccRecords: Add support for reading RUIM_ID
494bc6b Fix to avoid Out of State Indications to apps
3949dc4 Add Radio Tech Support in manual PLMN
5a3b62c Parsing of CDMA MMS notification carried by SMS
d37f739 telephony: Fix custom RILs for new API
45feb44 Added support for DC-HSPA+ also in opt/telephony
2b1b009 Add ME Depersonalization support.

project hardware/ril/
92972a5 Fix parameter mismatch between header and implementation
b9a4154 ril; Fix up mismerge
fd6eb86 Support reading data profiles from OMH cards
8834c85 Handle newer libhtc_ril.so releases
96478b9 More compatibility for renamed macros...
ec932b4 Telephony: Implementation of IWLAN.
cc63d94 Add TD-SCDMA support
e580b49 Fix pthread_create error handling in ril.
e2e43ef Stop the kernel complaining about rild.
d3e4d3d Support Additional SIM Depersonalizations.
439f515 Support reading data profiles from OMH cards
4e6516c libril: some blobs don't support CELL_INFO_LIST commands

project packages/apps/Dialer/
1e22aec Dialer: More theme chooser support and AOSP derp fix
b8d7d0c Dialer: Make colors in layout themeable

project packages/apps/Mms/
6b2b595 Mms: Bring back layout color abstraction

project packages/services/Telephony/
5e607a2 NetworkSettings: Don't error out with TD-SCDMA values
d9f3f30 Implement toggleLte
1be9172 Avoid multiple PERSO_LOCKED notifications.
9e65b14 Add ME Depersonalization support.