project device/htc/jewel/
5282ecc jewel: add low latency audio use cases
5fca0ab jewel: fix LPA use case
38df15a jewel: convert snd_soc_msm_2x to unix line ending format
d19f645 jewel: update extraction files for new s4-common vendor
1198610 jewel: use s4-common ZSL setting
a2ca48c jewel: use libril from sources

project device/htc/msm8960-common/
109d376 msm8960: use CAF media variant
fd0b5a1 msm8960: Move audio_policy.conf to device common trees
f762a77 msm8960: Enable tunnel audio feature
64c4164 RIL: handle response 3020 for RIL class
e9947a5 msm8960-common: move common defines up to msm8960-common
cde2c6d htc msm8960: don't use custom ril class

project device/htc/s4-common/
261ed0b s4-common: Add releasetools for assertions
be042f7 s4-common: camera: remove leftover m7 params
4e8257c s4-common: use non-low latency audio_policy.conf
4e5a574 s4-common: move common defines up to msm8960-common
51e19a7 s4-common: add missing include of proprietary defines
e16b1a2 s4-common: move radio files from common to device-common
b852842 s4-common: create common s4 vendor for proprietary files
73e0646 s4-common: enable QCOM compressed audio
de046dc s4-common: gps: modify HAL to match HTC libloc_api_v02.so
cbbce8d s4-common: gps: dlopen loc_api_v02.so
9c36eb3 s4-common: gps: import HAL from jb_chocolate_rb2.1
96af0b9 s4-common: update thermald.conf
d24397d s4-common: use camera wrapper for camera
ea4a9de s4: update init script for radio
26fdfe0 s4-common: update proprietary adreno file list
e7185ba s4-common: update proprietary files list
1079778 s4-common: update for new camera libraries
c450c85 s4-common: use new ION API
343a405 s4-common: remove camera HAL

project device/htc/shooter/
c114262 shooter: remove unused/unnecessary config entries

project frameworks/base/
990f9fa remove DCHSPAP from java doc

project frameworks/opt/telephony/
da9404a HTCQualcommRIL: optionally ignore IccCard states greater than 2
64209cd HTCQualcommRIL: handle more unsolicited states
1d08fe5 ril: update some RIL's and remove deprecated ones
4e80c98 SamsungQualcommRIL: fix errors and replaces it with known values
cce3284 SamsungQualcommRIL: evaluate samsungDriverCall in responseCallList()
3ce8214 SamsungQualcommRIL: fix race condition when starting phone type.
03a96b4 SamsungQualcommRIL: use the advantage of static type.
07b8437 ril: Add Samsung-specific unsolicited commands
b477b5f SamsungQualcommRIL: fix logic order
607232a SamsungQcomRIL: New class and get rid of old and outdated codes
3b7991a HTCQualcommRIL: clean up unused functions and responses

project hardware/qcom/media/
a421584 media: Use cm/caf ifdef

project kernel/htc/msm7x30-3.0/
637ef1d ping: always initialize ->sin6_scope_id and ->sin6_flowinfo
a588d73 net: ipv6: Add IPv6 support to the ping socket.
6607cf0 ipv6: introdcue __ipv6_addr_needs_scope_id and ipv6_iface_scope_id helper functions
a3f05dd misc: uidstat: avoid create_stat() race and blockage.

project kernel/htc/msm8960/
cf8c89f msm: HTC: fighter: associate display_off commands with correct panels
cfa9892 msm: HTC: fighter: panel comments cleanup
7e042c3 msm: HTC: elite: use ATT 3.18.502 Synaptics sensor ID
4d316ea msm: HTC: elite: enable flashlight driver
a162677 msm: HTC: elite: updated synaptics calibration data from 3.17 RUU.
300878e msm: HTC: jet: updated synaptics calibration data from 3.16 RUU.

project vendor/htc/
462217b m7spr: remove libril blob
4c1e60f jewel: remove libril and rild blobs
86e1b45 m7: update RT5501 config
4afabcb s4-common: move QMI libraries to device-specific folders
48f1793 jewel: move QMI libraries to device-specific folders
b64e30f jewel: use proprietary files from s4-common, update files for 3.4
d9eaa4d s4-common: create new common vendor repo for HTC 8960 devices